How to tell the signs your pet is in pain


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I have been reading about people's stories of their dogs surgeries and injuries, as well as I've had surgeries, injuries, and accidental ingestion issues with my 2 guys, in the past year. I was looking up pain in animals, and this is some information I found. I found it quite helpful, and thought it may help some people, and thought I'd share the information with you.

It s sometimes hard to know if our animals are in pain, as humans we can open up our mouths and tell someone we are in pain, or to complain, but animals often don't show it or don't make a sound, to let us know they are in pain.


* unusually quiet, listless, restless, or unresponsive
* whining, whimpering, howling, or constantly meowing
* biting, either itself, or those around it
* constantly licking a part of their body
* demonstrating uncharacteristic behaviour, either overly aggressive, or submissive
* flattening the ears against the head
* having trouble sleeping or eating
* appearing either excessively needy, or seeking more affection than usual
* panting ( added by she's history)

Studies have shown that by helping your pet avoid pain, you may be able to speed up the recovery process, whether from surgery or injury, and because it reduces stress and increases a sense of well- being, pain management may help your pet live longer.


If you think your pet is in pain, contact your veterinarian immediately. They will do a complete examination to assess the cause of the pain, and determine the treatment needed.
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Thanks for the info.
Great info - I have one to add - I think panting can sometimes signal trouble, I notice when my bullies are in discomfort, they usually pant even while at rest.
Thank you for sharing this information. I found it really helpful. And I am sure a few Bullies out there in the future will suffer a lot less pain for a lot less time because of this information. Bless you.
Great post! I have noticed when Lola is in pain she acts needed and wants me to hold her non stop!
Thank you, still having the limping of Otis's front leg here so good advice to keep an eye out for. Hard to determine as he is ALWAYS needy,
great info.... thanks for pulling together and posting it
Excellent info-- I always say not eating/drinking is my most obvious sign them an immediate temperature check too since we are talking about bulldogs- refusal to eat is not good!!

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