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  • My dear & lovely Sharon...thinking of you & Kim,
    praying daily for your needs. When you can, please
    PM me and tell me what's going on, I care so much.
    A listening ear for you always and a shoulder to lean you gave to me. GOD favor & bless y'all <3
    Awww, Sharon, love my gift but truly, I want you to focus on
    yourself & Kim (& bullies too), this is truly a 'hunker down' time
    of life, it takes everything you got to give too. I'm praying Kim's
    meds & treatments give him a long & good, quality of life spent
    happily with you, Ms Tallulah & big Buster...praying very hard.
    Sending love & my best to y'all, Honey. Call me ANY time.
    Thank you for my gift!!! I hope you have a nice weekend. Big kisses to you and your family from Buster and I. :lubu:
    You had been crossing my mind when I'd be on here the last few months. I wondered why I never saw you but thought it was due to my sporatic attendance (work and my pet pad business). Make the most of what you have as I know you will. My heart goes out to you Sharon and your husband and family. :hug:
    When you are up to it, dear Sharon, please PM your mailing
    address. I will be sending lil things to help bring a smile, etc
    on behalf of another wonderful man, my Stuart.

    Like me & my beloved Stuart, y'all share a very special & rare
    gift of deepest love and a very happy marriage, it blesses all
    who know y'all.

    As many said to you upon hearing your news, we are hopeful
    that better treatments & meds exist today for Kim to have
    MANY great years yet, to share your lives together, as always.
    Big hugs n kisses sending y'all's way from me & Cami <3
    are you going to sign up for the Christmas Card Exchange? I would love to be able to send you a Christmas Card with the babies smiling faces on it :)
    :tricktreat:You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!!
    HELLO!!! Long time no see! Buster says hello and big Hugs and Kisses to Buster and the Miss. It's so nice to see you my friend. :up:
    Oh I'm sure you are sad you missed it. It went great though! Are you on our mailing list? If not then you will get emails with events and such. About once a week. :)
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