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  • :halloween1: You have been hit by a Trick or Treater!! Pass it on to 5 people but you cant return it to the one that tricked you!! :halloween5::halloween18::doghalloween::doghalloween:
    It's wonderful hearing from you, Lynn!
    The rescue is blessed to have YOU :)
    Be blessed of you & Otis.
    I'll never forget how you reached out to
    me, sent flowers at Christmas (4 months
    after losing Stuart) and how healing it was
    to my broken heart. You made a difference,
    Thank You!
    I will, you keep us posted too!!! He's been miserable w/his eyes so I can't put it off any longerā€¦ Ugh! He absolutely HATES the cone of shameā€¦ LOL
    So sorry to hear about your Winstonā€¦ my Winston will be having the same exact surgery on Wed.
    Awww thank you .. I did update in the same post as yesterday.. Just posted a pic of him sleeping sitting up!!! that was nice of you !!
    Yes .. I may be guilty of just cutting off the january part and having her pic for the entire year!!! :whistle:
    Poor baby..I hope it's something and nothing and helps quickly with a little rest :hug:
    It's lots was almost every day, but recently it's very rare he limps. What did the vet say about Otis! Is he ok? :hug:
    Your welcome, if I had not been in the USA at that time I would probably still not have posted them yet. I thought if I could get them posted there at local postage instead of when I got home at $1.60 each card it would be better on my wallet and more to spend on Ftse LOL

    Gotcha!!! Pass it forward :christmas10:
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