potty training

  1. Vabulldog

    How often does a puppy need to go out when out of the crate?

    Brutus is a 20-week-old English Bulldog puppy. He's done really well with crate/house training During the work we I can take him potty in the am before work, my wife takes him out at lunch, and I take him out when I get home with no accidents. Our son takes him out in between but Brutus wouldn't...
  2. L

    Potty Training - 8 month old EB puppy

    Hi All, My wife and I are first-time EB owners (and dog owners for that matter) who have had our new 8-month old puppy with us for a little over a week. We have some general questions that we would love and appreciate some feedback on the below when it comes to potty training. His former...
  3. nachothebulldog

    HELP! Brought my bulldog home last night. crying all night!

    Hi everyone! Like I mentioned above, last night was nachos first night home and he was crying in his crate all night. I have his crate set up in the living room of my apartment and at night I was able to get him in by putting toys in there. He was fine for about 5 minutes and then started...
  4. nachothebulldog

    Bringing a Puppy home in a couple weeks! NEED HELP!!

    Hi everyone! Im new on this forum and I really would love some help with my new addition to the family. He will be coming home in about 2 weeks. He will be 8 weeks old. My biggest concern is potty training!!! Can someone help me come up with some sort of schedule on how often to take him out to...
  5. C


    Hello all! So, my boyfriend and I recently adopted an english bulldog. She used to be a breeder dog, she lived in a kennel her whole life, but was supposedly potty trained. She is 6 years old and her name is Harley. She is not potty trained at all. She will hardly go outside and when she is...