potty training puppy

  1. Vabulldog

    How often does a puppy need to go out when out of the crate?

    Brutus is a 20-week-old English Bulldog puppy. He's done really well with crate/house training During the work we I can take him potty in the am before work, my wife takes him out at lunch, and I take him out when I get home with no accidents. Our son takes him out in between but Brutus wouldn't...
  2. L

    Potty Training - 8 month old EB puppy

    Hi All, My wife and I are first-time EB owners (and dog owners for that matter) who have had our new 8-month old puppy with us for a little over a week. We have some general questions that we would love and appreciate some feedback on the below when it comes to potty training. His former...
  3. bulldogs1501

    Potty Training a Puppy

    Hello all and Happy New Year! As mentioned in my other thread, we have a 13 week old puppy. I am looking for some advice being a first time dog owner... We've had our bully Moose for a week and in that short period of time he's gotten comfortable and learned a lot. When in his playpen, he has...