1. isla.m.thomas

    Toilet Training Regression.

    Hi guys, we have a 6 month old English Bulldog. She is AMAZING (my first Bulldog, previously I was a Rottweiler girl). Recently we have seen a regression in her toilet training, she was fully house trained, would run to the door if she needed to go and bark but now that seems to have all flown...
  2. Vabulldog

    Help with 7 month old potty training

    I'm struggling with house training my 7 month old intact male puppy. He's great in his crate, no accidents or issues there. He sits, down, stay, waits for ok to eat, so I believe he's intelligent. He poops on a regular schedule so no accidents at all. But peeing, omg. He doesn't have a lot of...
  3. Vabulldog

    How often does a puppy need to go out when out of the crate?

    Brutus is a 20-week-old English Bulldog puppy. He's done really well with crate/house training During the work we I can take him potty in the am before work, my wife takes him out at lunch, and I take him out when I get home with no accidents. Our son takes him out in between but Brutus wouldn't...
  4. wendyk313

    Rescue Bully - Need Advice

    Hello Everyone. I just adopted Bella today. She is a beautiful 3 yr old. I adopted her from a no kill shelter, in her former life, she was kept in a tiny cage. It wan't a "breeding" situation, it was a animal hoarder. Does anyone have any advice on housebreaking.? I've kept her on a short...