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Mar 24, 2019
Bulldog(s) Names
Hi all just joined your forum. My names rich and I’m from the uk. I currently have a 1 year old bulldog called Rocco 24DDD661-E031-4D4D-9D79-DD461285CFCC.jpeg
:welcome3: Rocco is quite a handsome dude!! Great freckles,too. Christine [MENTION=2894]2BullyMama[/MENTION] will love him! Glad you and Rocco joined us!
Castor says hi and welcome!
FRECKLES,!!! He is beautiful!!

Welcome to EBN

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What a handsome boy! Quite a few on here from the UK. Welcome!
Oh Rocco is so cute! Love his freckles! Rocco, you look so sad, I’m sure your parents don’t feed you enough and neglect you:Dlike all Bulldog parents do, that’s why all bullies look so sad:D
Oh Rocco you are adorable! I love that grin and those sweet freckles!

Welcome to the best group of bully lovers ever! You are sure to love it here.

Don’t forget to post lots of pictures[emoji7]

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Welcome Rich & Rocco! Rocco You are so handsome!

Yes lots of pictures are a must! Lol

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