Gracie ALMOST has her #1 subject trained.


Aug 4, 2010
Milwaukee, WI
Bulldog(s) Names
(HRH) Her Royal Highness Princess Gracie & Princess Amelia Pond (Amy)
Guess who will not go and do her business :poo: until DAD comes to watch.

Mom isn't good enough:crazy: HAS to be DAD:luv:!

Mom of course thinks it's hilarious:w00t:

Dad, not so much....:angry:
LOL are you kidding me? She must be shy and not want mommie to see.... how funny!
Vegas will ONLY potty for ME, if daddy takes him out he just sits in the grass and looks around and will NOT potty, I take him out and yep, there he goes!!!
Yep, that's how it is here....I can and have stood out there with her till both our butts turn blue and she wouldn't go. Daddy walks out and she assumes the position almost immediately.
thats hilarious sounds like shes gettin yall trained pretty good!
What's funny is that her poo area is about 20 feet from the side door. She'll go down the sidewalk til she gets to the area and then just stand there and stare at the back door til I come out. Once I'm out there she steps off the sidewalk and squats. I've been trying to get her to go out by herself so I don't have to go too (cuz it's cold) but it aint happening, so far. She has done a wonderful job of training.... MEEEEE!:rolleyes:
That is funny!! Princess Gracie is very clever! :up:
Oh that is great, finally a man has to take over poo duty!!!! Bella does not care who is watching, but Abby has to feel hidden to who ever is out with her. If we go camping and are walking her on a leash, she has to poo in the brush, not out front for all to see.

HRH Gracie is just too much.

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