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Jan 28, 2010
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Hi there everyone, I have an idea (big surprise there!)

I was thinking we should start a topic of things breeders can do to breed RESPONSIBLY.

If you are a breeder, or thinking of becoming a breeder, you should be aware that there ARE bad breeders out there. Puppy mills, importers and breeders who do it solely for the almighty dollar.

If you are one of the above, maybe it is time to educate you on breeding responsibly!!!

So, lets do this in game-fashion. Each poster will post one thing a breeder should do to breed responsibly, then post one don't.

Only ONE do and ONE don't per post!

Do not post two times in a row.

I shall go first.

DO.... microchip all of your puppies and also register them for the new owners.

Several benefits to this: You can put your name as the backup contact on the chip, you ensure that the chip is registered, & rescues can locate the owners of the dog! It is about $20 to register the chip only.

DON'T....sell puppies without microchips. So many bulldogs end up in rescue who are not chipped- and those who are don't have any contact to them at all! So why microchip if you are not CERTAIN the owners will regisiter. Do it for them. It is one of the most responsible things you can do as a breeder.


Apr 11, 2010
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Do read up on the aspects of breeding Bulldogs. Not knowing what you can get yourself into can be disasterous on you, the puppies and of course the mom. There is a ton of things that you MUST know about breeding a bulldog that is different than breeding another breed. Can't stress this enough.

Don't think you will make a ton of money on breeding a bulldog. What you put into this sometimes far outweighs the profit.....There can be heartache and pain even when you do the very best.

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