For those of you that buy stuffies and crack toys...


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Jun 2, 2010
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Why waste the money if they get destroyed? I know the bullies love them but don't they have to be replaced so often? I would go broke!!! I tried giving Bear a stuffy once, it lasted 2 minutes. Then I was paranoid he ingested something he didn't.

I don't know how you all do it but kudos because you make your bullies extremely happy. I just wish I could find an alternative. :heart:
[MENTION=676]mammyglicks[/MENTION]..I have been recommending the deer antlers. Jake and Dena have had them a couple weeks now and still love them! No mess and the biggest problem I have is both dogs want both antlers!!
The dear Antlers do sound great everyone is raving about them :)
But they don't squeak their only drawback but Lucy loves squeakers and suckling xx
Her soft toys are lasting longer as she gets older and I mend a few here and there.
It's the rubber and rope toys I find don't last long :lol:
Tubs loves his antler...he is actually laying her going to town on it as we speak. We also go for the Nylabone toys. They hold up well. He also has a couple of Kong toys that have lasted. I don't think we have lost any thing yet, just a stuffed toy my daughter gave him from her room. Both Nylabone and Kong have squeeky toys. Hope this helps!
We have a few stuffies and a crack toy...I prefer the bottle buddies. They are really durable and you just put an empty bottle back in it when they crush the other one. CPP has them and also Inthecompanyofdogs. com
You know [MENTION=676]mammyglicks[/MENTION] I just think some bullys are intent on destroying toys while others aren't so it's not a waste of money for ALL bullys. Like I know [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] 's Vegas likes to destroy toys where as Orion is more of a suckler, I am sure her stinky bears are deemed trash only because they have gotten super nasty from bully slobber not because she would ever tear one up. I know my Samson is a destroyer so same as you, I don't buy any of the stuffies and stuff like that because they are destroyed so quick that it is a TOTAL waste of money.
We have a rabbit that gator loves. It is flat with no stuffing but it is furry. It wasn't that expensive and I think they have them at PetSmart. I got ours at Feeders. There isn't anything that he can ingest if he tore it apart. It has lasted WAY longer than any stuffed animal the girls "accidentally" left on the floor. :lol: I also get marrow bones that they love. They only cost about $3 each and they last about a week. I am thinking of switching to the antlers since they seem inexpensive and last a long time.

I was thinking about the bottle buddies that Lissa suggested. I almost bought one last time I was at Feeders but went with a stuffed lion instead :)
Delilah had the same stuffies that I got her when she was 8 weeks old up until about a couple weeks ago. Lately she is just on a stuffie DESTROY mode. She even destroyed my stuffed rabbit from my boyfriend..I was not happy! She goes digging through my closet and finds my stuffies and eats them. What got in to you, you destructive bullie tornado?

I buy those "stuffing-less" type toys now. She has this snake that has I think 12 squeakers? It's really long. But there's no stuffing in it at all, and the squeakers still squeak even if there is a hole punched in them. I only paid I think $15 for it and so far, so good! She loves it. It just gets annoying when she gets more than one squeaker in her mouth at once, haha. She loves squeakers..
One of the vet techs was telling me today that when the dogs would start to pull stuffing out of their toys, she would take all of the stuffing out and re-sew them up so that they were flat. The dogs still loved them! That certainly would be a way to make them last longer :)

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