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Jan 16, 2012
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So I sit here at 12:30 a.m just 11 and half hours before my final "studying" and realized that my "studying" has really consisted of me being on EBN! So thanks everyone for being a huge distraction! I would much rather be looking at bullies then studying for my Philosophy final!! :lmao:
we could go over the categorical imperative or revisit the nausea of walnut bark if you want
Guilty as charged.... I do this all the time. No finals, but with everything else!
:lol: I was horribly guilty of this as well when writing my dissertation. Felt incredibly guilty, yet still managed to overcome those feelings to distract myself. Good luck on your finals!
:hmm: so, how'd the test go?
I think it went okay, I hope :begging:! Philosophy isn't my strongest subject, one of those mandatory classes that everyone has to take:barf:!
What 's our next class? I hope it is nursing, even anatomy and physiology!!

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