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  • Almost the final episode, second to the final... whoa the finale is next week! You will have to let me know who you think the next supreme will be!
    Now I just watched the last episode of season 3.... wow that was really a gross episode! :blink:
    Wow I finished the season 2 of American Horror Story, that show can sure throw you from what you think will happen next!
    they did. As I type this Remy is on the couch with the red squeaky toy and Sebastian has the nyla-wishbone in his crate laying on Oliver's blanket. Remy grabbed his blanket before we could even unroll it and jumped up on the couch with it. Oliver grabbed the blue ball and took it away before we could get it out of the cardboard backing. They have all chewed, played, and laid on each other's toys all day yesterday and the fun continues today. I took some pictures and posted them on facebook but they are blurry because every time I snapped, the dogs would move.

    Remy, Oliver, and Sebastian send you lots and lots of bully smoochies for their prezzies.
    I've been wanting to give them to them but it had gotten too cold outside for them to have them. They get one either tonight finally or tomorrow while it's back in the 60's. I do let them sniff them. They love the peanut butter treats and Im giving the dog bowel to my son for Christmas for his three fur kiddos. It's already on its way to him.
    Hi Melissa!! I got the box last night with your rescue auction donation. I haven't opened it yet but will do so when I return next week from my son's wedding. You're awesome!!! :2thumbs:
    hahaha!! She is so pretty!! that exact same thing happened to me this afternoon trying to take a pic of him with his stuffed pumpkin! His face is the pictures are totally blurred out!
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