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Mar 24, 2010
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I recieved this today from a transport thread!!!!Please read !!

please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Donna Melton and I am part of the French Bulldog and Boston Terrier community. I do not know if this information regarding a fake rescue reached the Bulldog Community.

About a month ago the French Bulldog community uncovered a fake French Bulldog Rescue operating out of Missouri. This person also has English Bulldogs under this fake rescue. Rescue a French Bulldog | Adopt a French Bulldog | French Bulldog Rescue

What we uncovered is that the real person behind this "rescue" is a woman named Wendy Faith Laymon who has a history of selling sick dogs and run ins with the law dating back to 1996. She was convicted in Washington State then fled to Missouri where she set up shop breeding and selling sick dogs again. She has numerous complaints against her all over the internet, was fined and banned by the USDA until 2012 and made the HSUS Dirty Dozen list. In an effort to circumvent the new Prop B law in Missouri, she is attempting to set herself up as a "rescue" "shelter". All of the dogs in her "rescue" are her OWN dogs/puppies. She is also soliciting donations from the public via her fake rescue.

Her former web designer who was privy to a lot of information has started a website exposing her.
You can find links to all of her complaints on their site. Complaint Links | Wendy Faith Laymon
Carol Gravestock of Absolute Bullmarket French Bulldogs also did an excellent blog on Wendy Wendy Faith Laymon and "Fake" Rescue a French Bulldog | Frogdog Blog - A French Bulldog Breeder's Blog

She has submitted paperwork to become a recognized 501(c)3. But hopefully we can get it stopped.

Please share this information with your club members. And if anyone is interested in more information or helping to send letters to the IRS, the USDA, local news stations or prosecuting attorneys in her county, please let me know. I have compiled a list of people who cannot ignore us if they start receiving letters from all across the nation.

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Jan 28, 2010
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Actually yes, this rescue was pointed out already by [MENTION=1046]bulldog family[/MENTION] I think, but now we have even more information to add to it, thank you!

They USED to have that they were a 501c3 on the home page, I see that is gone. :bust: Probably still a puppy mill who is getting rid of pups and dogs that won't sell for some reason or another. Where is a puking smiley when you need one?

Aaaah here we go: :barf:
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Jul 17, 2010
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I guess it takes a certain, sick mentality to do things like this. WHY would anyone want to repeatedly raise and breed unhealthy dogs, sell sick puppies? It is just behond me!!


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Jan 31, 2010
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WOW.. In the horse community there was a lady here in Ca that was selling horses that didnt even belong to her!!! she also sold sick lame and just down right nearly dead horses to people.. She FINALLY got caught by selling a horse to a Undercover FBI Agent... WE all were soo happy.. ITs people like this that give everyone else a bad name... I know of a puppy mill/horse trader here near me, She is now advertising "desinger pups" Ugh...

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