Nov 26, 2012
New Orleans
Bulldog(s) Names
Gilbert, Scarlet
Cystinuria (type 3) for bulldogs is a recessive condition in which stones made from the amino acid cystine form in the kindey, ureter, and bladder.

The condition affects males, it is testosterone driven so neutering a male will prevent him from having symptoms. Females are carriers and do not show symptoms. This is a relatively new test that some Bulldog breeders are starting to do now. Its done through the Penn Gen Lab in PA. The test can be done by a cheek swab or blood test. Just make sure you get the type 3 test ( This one is specifically for Bulldogs) It is important to not breed affected dogs.

From what I have been seeing there are a lot of bulldogs that are carriers. Yes your dog can be HUU clear and be a carrier or affected by this & vice versa.


The disease in not present in your dog. When used for breeding, a Clear dog will not pass on the disease gene.

Carrier One copy of the disease gene is present in your dog, but it will not exhibit disease symptoms. Carriers will not have related medical problems, but will pass on the disease gene 50% of the time.
Affected This finding indicates that two copies of the disease gene are present in the dog. Unfortunately, the dog will be medically affected by the disease. And should not continue to breed.


Thank you for sharing. As breeders we need to continue to share information about what we learn, as well as continue to IMPROVE the breed, not simply make puppies. Deciding to neuter a male or spay a female is the right decision to prevent unwanted health and medical conditions to spread.

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