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Apr 20, 2011
New Jersey
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Brutus (Bruty, Bru Bru, Brutus Maximus)
Hey everyone! Brutus is a pretty active boy and he's constantly getting his tags caught on his cage or something else and it stretches out the ring. I've lost sooo many tags from this. I have been putting 2 rings on his tags to double it up in strength, but he somehow still manages to lose his tags. Any suggestions? I know they have a clip that attaches to the collar, but it still has a ring on it that can get stretched out and pulled off. He's just too energetic for his own good :p

I don't have any suggestions, Vegas only wears his collar when he goes potty and a harness when we go to vet or to get his nails done. I just wanted to comment that Brutus is so handsome! :heart: How old is he again?
Aww thanks [MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION], he's 14 months :)
BOLT IT!........ Im not kidding. lol Without seeing the collar or tag its hard to say but you may be able to use a stainless steel flathead bolt with ss cap nut on the outside and actually bolt it to the collar. For a small bolt you may be able to make the hole thru the collar with a nail.
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION] Hmmmm not a bad idea, make it part of the collar....I didn't even think of that! Could def work and save me money every month lol.
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION], thanks so much! I tried to fix it with the red eye tool, but it's not red so it was not working. Now he looks less like rabid beast :p
He is a handsome fella..looks like he will be a big boy!

Oh he is....about 70 pounds now which makes me laugh cause he's so hyper, constantly playing and runs all over the place! lol
Petsmart has tags that you engrave an the lay flat on the collar. It looks the they bolt in and are connected on the backside of collar. I just saw them this past weekend. That might help you out?
What a great picture! I can't help much either. My guys go nekkid at home too. lol

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