Chester returned to puppy school tonight..


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Apr 24, 2010
Buffalo NY
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We walked in a little late because we had tickets to the theater (Mary Poppins).. anyway, we walked in and all the other dogs started barking..and Chester just sat there looking like "what in the heck". Especially when some little yapper bit his jowl! :eek: He didn't do too bad on this second try, but once he learned the "labradoodle" aka "Shay" next to us was getting chicken treats, (which he liked much better than our beef).... he would spit out his and go over by her, hoping to scarf some of that :w00t: He finally managed to not poop on the floor in PetSmart for once :poo: :up: though he was stinking the place up :whistle:
Lol Chester is always the life of the party isn't he? Chesterisms :heart:

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