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Jun 20, 2011
Edgewood, Kentucky
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Cassius aka "Cash"
Cash is so funny sometimes with his little toys. When he gets sleepy he starts suckling on them. Here he is just a minute ago sucking/nursing on his Turtle. TOO FUNNY! I guess he will grow out of this, but it is so sweet. Listening to him cracks me up, and his paws are going to town, he really gets into it. When I took these pictures he was totally focused. Does this mean something or is it just him being a puppy?:bully:
Nope not a baby thing .... it's a bully thing and don't be suprised if he NEVER grows out of it!!! [MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] and [MENTION=572]Libra926[/MENTION] can tell you lots of stories about that one!!!
Yep, some suckle, some lick obsessively ( HRH does both ) she will occasionally suckle, but nothing like Vegas and Orion do, the licking she does every evening.
[MENTION=983]LariP[/MENTION] Penny licks, too. It's quite excessive! lol

He is such a sweetie. So much cuteness!
:laugh: we had a Dobie that drug a big blanket around for her entire 12 years of life!! We once lived in a house with a tree that had really low branches and she drug that blanket up in the tree and sucked it! When we listed our house for sale..the realtor put a warning in the listing.."watch out for Doberman in tree"... wonder it took awhile to sell that place! These are what makes our critters so "special"!!!!!!By the way..he is precious!! :love:
Thanx for sharing Allison,,,, he is just adorabull!! ;)
Vegas is 2 yrs 5 months old, he has a Monkey and a Bear that he suckles the noses to calm down or go to sleep, it is his pacifier. He has done this since we got him and does it a few times a day, especially in the evenings. He actually falls asleep just like a baby with a bottle doing this.

Our Bailey is 5 and still needs her "rings" to fall asleep. She puts her front two paws in the bottom rings and sucks on the top ring. We are in BIG trouble if we can't find her rings before night night.... :D

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