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Jul 30, 2010
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Bulldog(s) Names

Name: Caroline
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Location: Macomb County, MI

Reason given up for adoption:
Owner Surrender


Health Condition:
Getting Better!

Placement Limitations:

Special Needs:

Contact Information:
[email protected]

Note - please read the entire post prior to contacting the rescue people.

Hello, my name is Caroline. My story is a sad one until some nice people found a way to help me...
My owner was put into a nursing home several months ago. My owner did not know what to do with me, so someone was coming over to our house every 2 or 3 days to feed me. I was very lonely, and got very hungry in between visits.
Some people got wind of what was going on, and eventually talked my owner into surrendering me over to rescue. Things started to look up!
Unfortunately, I was not very well taken care of for the last few years. I have had some puppies, and I need to be spayed now, and have a mammary tumor removed. I also have some rotten teeth that will be pulled, and my ears are badly infected so I am on medication for them. My eyes got the worst of the neglect. I have severe dry eye in both of them, and I am completely blind in one eye due to what appears to be an old injury. I will have surgery for entropian on one eye, and will need special eye drops for the rest of my life, but I do have limited vision in my one eye.

Despite all that I have been through, I love people, and I am great with other dogs! I am a real couch potato, and I love to eat, and I am so happy to be getting fed every day - more than once a day now. The rescue people think I will gain weight in no time!

I need to either go to a home with a completely fenced in yard, or where someone will take me out on a leash whenever I need to go to the bathroom, as I don't see or hear too well, and I can NOT be trusted off leash without a fence.

If you can give me the loving forever home that I have been hoping for, please complete the online application at and contact the rescue people.

The rescue will NOT ship dogs, you must be within a reasonable driving distance from Southeast Michigan to be considered to adopt me.

Please let them know you found them on English Bulldog News. :)
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Caroline is responding well to the TLC provided by her foster family... she's looking good!


Being a Rescue Moderator to me meant volunteering to put some time into updating the adoption lists, and feeling good that I may be helping the process in some indirect way, but I had no idea that I could get attached and emotional towards any specific Bully that I had never met... I consider myself a tough guy, but I'll admit that my eyes watered on this one. Rest in peace Caroline :*(

Here is the update from Detroit Bulldog Rescue:

It is with a broken heart that I write to you that our Sweet Caroline has gone to the Rainbow Bridge today.
It has been a rough week for her, and even worse weekend, but I was still hopeful that she would get better, but this morning, when she was still not better, I had to make this most difficult decision for her, a...nd believe me, it was not taken lightly. The concensus from the vets consulted seemed to be that she had either a brain tumor, or some other neurologic disorder, and that seizure she had last Sunday, seemed to do irrepairable damage. I loved that sweet girl, as I know many of you did, and she will be forever in my heart. The only good thing is that she was not alone, in some house, hungry and scared, but she was loved, and safe.
Thank you all for your support with her.

RIP sweet girl, until we see each other again.


I know you do get very attached to them when you are following them.... and it breaks my heart. Sometimes it is just too late.... :*(

But the positives is that we also get to see so many happy endings, which makes me cry (tears of joy). I am a flubberbucket when it comes to this stuff.
Aw, Telly, bully lovers just seem to have an extra soft heart! I have to admit, it doesn't take much to make me tear up, and not much more to make me cry in earnest. All the extra sad stories melt my heart, and make me hug my Otis extra hard and extra often. But I try to take comfort in the fact that these bullys did get to know love and attention before it was too late, and their last memory was of loving arms and lots of smiles! Just know, if you didn't care, you wouldn't be so affected! Thanks for what you do!

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