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  • I see that your involved with the Indiana Bulldog Rescue... I have sent in an application for adoption and was wondering if you knew of a way for me to check the status of that, I know it said to be patient but the intensity is killing mee!

    As you are involved in english bulldog rescue, I just wanted to ask you something if you don't mind. We already have six dogs, and when we apply to be considered for foster and/or rescue they will all have been spayed/neutered. Does a rescue organisation feel that six dogs are already too much, and therefore already a definite no?

    Hi. There is a rescue in AZ, Love-A-Bull Rescue, it is in Gilbert, AZ. I just did a web search, and it pulled right up. You can start by checking with them. If you have had previous bulldog experience, it is generally pretty easy to get started as a foster. If not, they will likely want to do some training. Bullys are not the easiest breed to care for--although any bully lover will tell you that they are far and away the most special breed!! It is possible that Lone Star Rescue would work with you since you make regular trips back to TX--you would simply have to get in contact with them. I know they have a Facebook page, and I have several of their bullys posted, so you can get the information there to call or email them. Good luck...the bullys need our help!! And keep us posted on your progress!!
    My boyfriend && I absolutly fell in love with boo! He is just precious!! We used to live in Tx, currently in Arizona. But we always head back down there at least once every other month..
    I saw you put on the chat box the need for volunteers for foster families. I dont live in Florida but would love more info on foster? :)
    I got this message for the Don't shop - Adopt listing on English Bulldog News today. Strange how last night while getting into the car after a dinner out, I saw a bumper sticker on the car next to us that caught my eye. It read "Don't shop - Adopt" with cute little paws prints on it! Is this fate?? I don't know but have been looking at your listings! We live in Mass and haven't found a Bully rescue in the state. Any suggestions? My husband wants to start a rescue for them. It's my fault, I got him addicted to them when we got our 2! Also do you know where I can get one of the those bumper stickers? Thanks!
    carol I am advertising the board on google, backpage and CRaigslist. But I can only put up 1 ad every 48 hours on CL- in one city. Half of them get flagged! :(. But I'm trying :)
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