Another Ear infection!


I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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I am positive Vegas has yet another ear infection (3rd one in 6 months, same ear) he started Friday itching his left ear, I took a deep smell and yes it did smell sour, I used his Otomax antibiotic ear drops on Friday, yesterday he would itch his ear and kind of whine/yelp and he shook his head all day, gave him more Otomax, this morning he got up and went to the area rug and was rubbing his ear on the carpet making a yelping noise. I gave him some more drops.
Tomorrow I am taking him to the vet, I think he needs oral antibiotics as well as the drops. He will kind of "flinch" when I scratch his left side of his face.
My Question is...He has been on Nature's Variety Instinct Salmon for over a year, but has developed 3 ear infections and extra itchy this month, do you think I should do another food change? Or is it seasonal alergies driving him nuts? I do give him Benadryl just about daily now. What would you do?
By itchy do you mean rubbing his ear on the carpet? Or is he itchy elsewhere. Maybe,, and this is a WAG, have the Vet check his teeth,,, Could he posssibly have a bad toofer on that side ? Again, its purely a guess but something to think about.
no help here on the infections, but sending a :hug:and :luv: to you and Vegas. Hope someone else will give you really good advice.
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION], ONLY his face is itchy, so bad that he will go in his crate and use the sides of his cratch to itch his face. I wash, rinse and dry his face with his anitfunal yeast shampoo either every day or every other. His face is more red than normal and his eyes more watery since the beginning of the month and his ear just started Friday. I am so glad I keep the antibiotic Otomax ear drops on hand, but I am thinking he needs oral along with the drops this time. That is what has me baffled is it food or seasonal?!?!!
Have you had an allergy test done? Save yourself a lot of time and your baby a lot of pain; instead of playing with food or guessing at what the issue is... have a fully blood test run for allergy screening. We made the mistake of 'playing' with this for our boy (Nitschke)... poor guy went through hell for six months.... he was always vomiting, or snubbing his food. well, when their are perceived stomach issues, what does every vet say -- chicken and rice till we get to the bottom of the problem. Well, finally did the allergy test --- guess what he is highly allergic to ---RICE. Without the test we would have never know it was the rice causing all his issues... skin irritation, vomiting, ear infections, etc, etc
I am sorry I can't be much help with the cause of the infection, but I might have something that could help. Tubs ended up with a nasty ear infection a couple of months ago and it was discovered that he had a yeast infection in his ear and his nose rope. The vet put some "goop" in his infected ear and cleaned his nose rope with this stuff called MalAcetic Ultra. She sent up home with a bottle of this and said to clean his uninfected ear and his wrinkles with this stuff. I have to tell you...I have not needed to clean his nose rope. It cleared up and has been nice and white and dry ever since the vet used it at his original visit. I keep checking his nose and his ears and everything has been clear. I use it probably once every week or two just to maintain it, but this stuff has worked wonders. If you can get it from your vet the best way to use it is to soak gauze pads and to use it just like a baby wipe. I hope you find out what is causing the ear infections and your little one finds some relief soon! Good Luck!
Bruce's suggestion is actually a good one. You might want to have them check his teeth. You can also use raw apple cider vinegar cut with water (50/50) to clean his ears as a preventative once you get this cleared up. I wouldn't use it strait as it can sting and irritate it. It could be either food or seasonal allergy....with all the rain you guys get this time of year (isn't it daily???) it could be a mold problem or he is developing an allergy to something in his food which can happen at ANY TIME even if he has eaten that food for 10 years kiwim?

Poor Vegas!!! I wish I could just kiss his smooshy face!
[MENTION=1906]GatorRay[/MENTION], that is exactly what I am thinking....rain.....yes every single day we have a down-pour, actually getting ready to now. Our pond is to the very top. I will have our vet look at his teeth tomorrow, but I have a strong feeling it is just the dampness outside. I think from the first of Aug. it has rained at one point everyday. Just for a bit, then the sun comes right back out making it like a sauna outside. It has been the last two weeks also, that I have had to give him a Benadryl for his itchy face. What ever it is I have had him the last 3 days on antibiotic ear drops, giving him yogurt for his snacks but I still think he needs to be looked at.
Kelly.. Chester JUST started with this..and we are thinking it may be an allergy. We just switched him to Fromm grain/wheat free - the "surf and turf". His ears are better and in between his toes was always pretty dark pink..and that pink is much lighter now. I don't know if it would help Vegas..but it seems to be helping Chessie.
Sorry..I just saw this..poor Vegas! I thought of teeth too..but if the ear smells..points to ear infection! I'm sorry..all I can give is :hug: and will be waiting to see what vet says..have you ever tried panalog ointment? Works great on ears..
no help but my gosh you have sure had your share with him havent you? I hope it is just seasonal but then that doesnt solve the problem for next year does it? Hugs to poor Vegas!

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