Advice on Reesie meeting my sons Goldie


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May 15, 2024
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Well, we went camping over the weekend and Reesie saw other dogs, both big and small, no issues, she pretty much ran between my legs and hid, however, my son came home from college and has a Golden Retriever ( a tad over a year old) and Reesie just isn't having it, she's kind of aggressive towards her. Biting her tail, her paws and even went for her neck this morning. We did a slow intro with both on leashes and that was OK, but now, with both of them in the house, Reese is the "aggressor". Looking for recommendations on getting them together in a friendly manner?

We two dogs before and our bully didn't even pay any attention to the other one. We are slowly bringing them together on leashes, is that the best way or is there another way?
Walks… two humans and the pups… dog , human, dog , human while walking and get them to pack up. He is thinking it’s his home and the golden is invading. If Reese isn’t responding to commands in house leash him so you can grab it to correct or stop him if necessary
Exactly what Christine said. You need to walk them together and not just a few minutes. A good long walk away from the house n backyard. When coming back let them slowly walk closer to one another. Keep an eye out on their body language.

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