3 Weeks to go until Kramer comes home!


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Aug 4, 2011
Jacksonville, NC
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Kramer :)
Good Morning Everyone!We FINALLY met Kramer this weekend and god was he cute. I'm working on getting pictures up, but for some reason this computer doesn't want to cooperate this morning. 5 bulldog puppies couldn't have created a tougher situation for me. They were all so precious and I really wanted to take them all home. In the end, Kramer found us. We were able to spend about an hour and a half snuggling and playing, he is the perfect coloring and the perfect temperment, I miss him so much already! How am I going to make it through the next 3 weeks bullie parents?!Hopefully I can get the picture up today, I can't wait to hear what you all think of his coloring and markings. He has little white socks on top of his brindle marked back, a white head with a little brown spot near his right eye and a perfect brown circle on the back of his neck. One of his little ears is freckled, and the other is brown. He is such a little angel.I was so heartbroken having to leave him and know he can't come home with us for another 3 weeks. He is 5 weeks old tomorrow so 3 more weeks of socializing with his little brothers should prepare him to come home to his family!Has anyone else been through this predicament? How did you help the time pass?!If anyone wants an incredible, reputable breeder, check out fatheadbulldogs.com, Meghan and her husband Jack are aMAZING!


Aug 12, 2010
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He sounds darling,,,,, can't wait to see the pix. Personally, I like using Photobucket for posting pix. Try that one. Its really good.


Mar 28, 2010
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yes this is a big tease of a thread without pics. ;) No help on the wait, we didnt have to wait for a pup since we got cutty at 9 months.

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Jan 29, 2011
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There is really nothing you can do to help the waiting process:smoochwink:....its long and hard! All you will do is think of him non stop until you get him in your arms and know that you don't have to leave him this time. I guess my advice would be to start buying all the stuff you will need when he does get home, that will help some, and it will seem more of a reality and we r waiting on those pics :tease:

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