1. B

    General Question Skin Issue

    Good day everyone, I hope you are making ok during the corona virus. Bella was doing a lot of scratching last evening so I decided to give her a bath. On our way to the bathroom I noticed a spot on back, it was bloody. After the bath I put polysporin on the spot and today it looks much better...
  2. L

    10 week old puppy folding his legs while walking....plz help

    I’m a first time puppy owner and I bought Loki when he is 8 weeks old. From past week he started folding his right leg while walking in a different manner like the below picture. The vet said that he has no pain and asked us to keep an eye on him. Now he started doing the same with the left leg...
  3. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ May 2020 Bulldog of the Month "MY FAVORITE PICTURE"

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: My Favorite Picture:D:D There is that one photo you took of your bulldog that you feel is your all time favorite.....more than likely you have several of these but we are looking for that special one and yes-...
  4. anatess

    Long Time, No Post...

    Hi All - I know I haven't posted here in a long, long time. I decided to go ahead and post today to let y'all know that my best buddy Gizmo (bichon frise) passed away on the very last day of January. He was 13 years old. Everything was fine, he was his normal spunky self, nothing to indicate...
  5. cefe13

    Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

    Castor's two sides this time of year... the first picture taken today on our morning walk. It's just a tiny grove but Castor loves wading back and forth among the wild garlic. Sweet as sweet can be... ...and this photo of the otherwise very nice bulldog was taken yesterday, right after he dug...
  6. D

    Sharing the couch

    Does anyone's dog lie beside them on the couch with their head sharing the pillow? My dog does this all the time, and I got up and took a picture of it. These bulldogs are so precious !
  7. ColleenOJ

    Baby knocked his tooth out!

    Hi! My bulldog got a little wild and knocked one of his bottom front teeth out. These teeth were already rotting (it looked like), I had a vet appointment already scheduled to discuss next week! I mention that bc there would be no chance of reattaching it. I am worried about it getting infected...
  8. B

    New from Tampa, FL

    I've had two English Bulldogs and love the breed. My first one (Muzzy) was a great family member and passed away after 12 years. Most of his life he was healthy and energetic. Biggie Chunk is my current boy and he almost the opposite of Muzzy. he is allergic to everything....I'm not kidding I...
  9. 1Chumly

    Monty. How fabulous is this?

    We received this in the mail and what a wonderful, wonderful surprise. Buckets of tears (of course) but we absolutely love it. It is perfect. We have hung it in our breakfast area between Sadie (left) and Chumly (right). We were wondering what type of picture to do of Monty as my friend who...
  10. M

    Eye problems!

    Has anyone ever had a bulldog that had corneal cancer? My dog had a small white spot in her a eye a few weeks ago we took her to the vet who thought the cat may have gotten her and put her on antibiotics the bump got bigger for a couple days then slowly went away. Her eyes were slightly goopy...
  11. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Peppa~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Michigan

    Peppa was dumped at a shelter with a large growth in her abdomen. She had surgery to remove the growth and is feeling much better now. The picture posted was her on her freedom ride - no question about how happy she was to be spung! We are still evaluating her and how she is with other...
  12. B


    Hello everyone! I joined this forum with a new account as I used to have an account called Boka the Sweet Heart until she passed away 4 years ago. Recently we lost our sweet Pitbull of 12 years to a heart murmur and our Rhodesian Ridgeback is very lonely because he has been with our boy for 8...
  13. helsonwheels

    Holiday Picture

  14. R

    Help Needed! Watery rusty red/orange saliva staining on dog bed from mouth

    Hello there, Every morning I find a watery rusty red colour stain from her saliva wherever she sleeps - Is this bleeding from her gums or stomach acid? It doesn't smell like blood Please see picture below, anyone know what it is? Thanks Roxy
  15. K

    We have found a lump

    Yesterday we found a pea size lump on Ronnie it’s hard and doesn’t move around freely with his skin. It’s right on the side of his front leg. I have parted all the hair to have a look and there appears to be no broken skin or anything that would indicate that it’s a bite. The lump is visible...
  16. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ August 2019 Bulldog of the Month ~ LAZY BULLDOGS!

    2016 Lazy Bulldog Contest Winner! Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Lazy Bulldogs!! :lazy2: You've got a bulldog, right? Then this contest is for you, because EVERY bulldog paw-rent has a picture (or 1000) of their precious sleeping bulldog...
  17. 1Chumly

    The dog ate my diploma

    This made me laugh out loud! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vRpkP3PUxU
  18. Lalaloopsie

    Poop question WARNING (disgusting details, read at your own risk!)

    I wanted to complain about Tank toilet habits and ask if anyone has the same problem. This bandit of a dog likes to poop on some object. A rock, a curb, a bush, anything elevated is good. Many times I was hectically scratching the poops off the objects under disgusted people’s looks. He also...
  19. J

    Bailey here Checking in!!! Im 5 1/2 months now!

    Some updated pics of Bailey at 5 1/2 months. Haven't been around much lately since we have been caught up moving to our new home but we are back!! And this is a picture of baileys brother and sister from her liter!
  20. B


    I am back regarding Bella’s ON GOING “apparent staph’ skin infection that she gets one or twice every year usually between December and April. She started showing signs of reoccurring about mid April. The first thing I did was bath her using Nizoral shampoo to kill the bacteria and get the loose...