1. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ May 2019 Bulldog of the Month: My Favorite Picture

    Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: My Favorite Picture:D:D There is that one photo you took of your bulldog that you feel is your all time favorite.....more than likely you have several of these but we are looking for that special one and yes-...
  2. Jlambe

    Help Needed! Hair not growing back after surgery

    So Mack had TPLO surgery back in January and he is doing great but the patch of hair they shaved on his back is not growing back. He does have Alopecia from time to time where his hair does thin out but this patch has no new hair growth. I am looking for any type of suggestions and I can take a...
  3. Lalaloopsie

    Harley Davidson pic and question

    Got an amazing picture at HD shop. Btw, I wonder if someone from our crowd is HD biker?..
  4. Marlana


    I just noticed a swollen area in Brutus’s mouth. It’s under his tongue and looks like a fluid filled sac. It’s really hard to look at or get a picture, I’ll try to get one. Is this an emergency? Can I just make him an appointment in a day or two? Just watch it? He’s 4 months old and hasn’t had...
  5. morgan9375

    Family picture Patch

    Father and Son Patch waiting for lunch
  6. RiiSi

    This how RC markets their products in Finland

    I'm livid! Royal Canin made this posting in their Facebook page in Finland a while ago. There was a picture of a dog food bowl with no sides in their web page. You may not be able to understand what the text means, but I will try to translate. You will get the point. The original...
  7. S

    Possible issue when going potty

    Here is a picture of Thor's tail. He is 8 weeks old. If you notice the way it curls down, the tip hangs right at the anus. Whenever he goes potty, the tail gets smeared, and we have to wipe it with wet-ones. Will this change was he grows, has anyone else experienced this, or deos anyone have...
  8. R

    Leave me alone, I am napping!

    I was taking a picture when was sleeping, he was snoring and out cold. When I took the picture one eye went wide open and then he went back to sleep and snored away again. Thought it was funny.
  9. T

    Females first heat ?'s

    My little girl has just went into her first heat at 9 months I have a question concerning her area down there its is really swollen I have never had a bigger female dog so it seems almost abnormal I have had a female shihtzu so I cant really compare to her. She is acting totally normal has...
  10. mer55

    BOGEY is BAAACK!!!

    Hello all my old friends here on EBN!! It's been so long since my last post! Bogey is alive, well and thriving with my son and his GF. He is now 6, and still such a sweetheart, although a little grumpy old man shows up occasionally!!:tongue: Since my son is a firefighter/paramedic, he is working...
  11. D

    Dogily's Bulldog Picture

    Hello everyone. Have take a look with my fanstastic bulldog
  12. Hceril

    Silly girl staring at herself in the glass

    She sat there for at least 2 minutes before I took the picture. Lol
  13. T

    Oscar again LOL

    [ATTACH=CONFIG]113884[/ATTACT] Oscar This is a better picture of him in the sun
  14. Hceril


    So Bella has been licking her back left paw for the last few days. I looked at it and am not sure what’s bothering her. Maybe a bite? It is red like from her licking it. But only the one paw so I don’t think it’s an allergy thing (because she would be licking all paws??). Thinking maybe...
  15. L

    New mommy to Luna

    Hi, we just got our puppy 2 weeks ago. Her name is Luna. It's been an eventful couple of weeks. She got sick when we brought her home. She tested positive for parasites and is on some meds for it. She was dehydrated from the diarrhea and vomiting so shes had to get fluids twice. The breeder we...
  16. S

    New Bully and Introduction

    Hello fellow bulldoggers! Our beloved 11 year old bully passed away 1 year ago. We recently just picked up this little guy from our previous breeder, both Granddad's on both sides were G.CH. pedigree. So I wanted to introduce myself to the site and our new fur baby, his name is Rumpletumskin. I...
  17. Hceril

    Sleeping beauty.

    Got this picture just now. Thought it was pretty neat. Her reflection is in my headboard that’s made of wood.
  18. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ August Bulldog of the Month Contest ~LAZY BULLDOGS~

    2016 Lazy Bulldog Contest Winner! Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Lazy Bulldogs!! :sleep: You've got a bulldog, right? Then this contest is for you, because EVERY bulldog paw-rent has a picture (or 1000) of their precious sleeping bulldog...
  19. Lalaloopsie

    Cutest thing I’ve seen in Florida

    We went for a trip to Florida, St.Pete. Everything was amazing - sea, windsurfing, Dalí museum...but this...This was unspeakable, unprecedented, murderous CUTENESS!!! I asked gentleman who owns them to make a picture with his babies in the bakfiets!
  20. H

    Palate surgery update

    First off I want to thank everyone for the recommendations and well wishes! Auggie had his palate surgery and tonsils removed last week and everything has gone very smoothly! We had it done at Hunt Valley Animal Hospital and I would 100% recommend them to anyone in the area for this surgery...