1. E

    If you have a dog, please PLEASE get pet insurance!

    My take is that you NEVER know when an emergency happens, and you won’t feel it until you're in a life and death situation. You think bad things like this don’t happen, but they actually do, accidents can happen, puppies eat everything they see and it can cause blockage. It’s annoying having a...
  2. TxMom2

    Insurance for English bulldogs...??? Yay or Nay??

    Hi Fellow Bulldog LoVers!:heart: I recently got 2 new baby english bulldogs, 2 weeks ago. We have pet insurance through the AKC until June 4. I am looking at pet insurance options and wanted to ask my fellow bulldog lovers and experienced English Bulldog owners, what kind of vet bills do you all...
  3. H

    Pet Insurance ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

    We just brought Hank home about 3 days ago he is 10 weeks old. We are considering purchase pet insurance. So far we are leaning towards ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Any experiences good or bad or suggetions? Nationwide review are horrible. Thank you
  4. A

    Please help me choose the best insurance for my English Bulldog puppies

    Hello everybody! I've brought home two lovely English Bulldog puppies. I know that they are very predisposed to have many health problems as they age if not taken care of properly. I would like to get insurance for them in case of injury, illness, accident, etc. I would be grateful if you could...
  5. KrysA724

    Best pet insurance for Bully

    Hey guys, I am shopping for pet insurance that covers everything possible with the best rate, but there are so many different providers and I’m not sure which plan to go with. I know bulldogs require plenty of care and I want to be sure I choose a plan that will minimize my out of pocket costs...
  6. helsonwheels

    Pet Insurance. Do the Math!

    We get asked often what pet insurance is the best. I personally have a credit card for my 2 dogs as I believe it’s the way to go. Especially if you start off your puppy on a healthy diet n healthy treats, you shouldn’t be using insurances or credit card for a very long time. If you buy a dog...
  7. rjisaterp

    Rest In Peace Kobe

    Just heard Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash today in CA as reported by CBS while watching the Farmer's Insurance Open. RIP Kobe.

    Ollie's TPLO Journey

    I've decided that I'm going to try to document Ollie's experience with TPLO (tibial-plateau leveling osteotomy) surgery. I'm pretty much having to learn everything on my own. Maybe some time down the road someone might find this useful. If it needs to be moved, feel free Moderator/s. In the...
  9. H

    Pet insurance

    I'm trying to decide on which insurance to get and am hoping for some recommendations. Thanks!
  10. McPikie

    Are there any UK members here? Insurance?

    I know this is mainly a US forum, but I wanted to ask some fellow UK'ers about who they are using for pet insurance. I've had a few quotes from PetPlan, BoughtByMany and the like, but wondered if anyone can actually recommend one? Our staffie was insured with Animal Friends, but I point blank...

    Update on Ollie

    Ollie had his follow-up vet appointment on Monday. His injured leg was most likely muscle pull. After a week of crate and Rimadyl, it's fine. Now onto the bigger issue, the right hip dysplasia...We need to do the consult with the orthopedic surgeon. We have insurance. The best advice I...
  12. S

    New English Bulldog owner

    Hi I just picked up my pup on Friday and he is 11 weeks old. He is doing great crate training and potty training. The Breeder was feeding him Nutri-Nugget and that’s what I’ve been feeding him since he’s used to it but here are my questions. 1- how much and how many times a day should I feed...
  13. T

    English bulldog newbie..hi

    Hello everyone this is my 7week english female Harley. My first puppy ever and excited to learn more about this breed then I have lol I swear my internet search engine has english bulldog info everything and have gone to the pet store probably 15 times buying things we would need. She will...
  14. Mcleanb7

    Ear Ablation surgery

    Has anyone ever had an ear ablation surgery for your dog? How much did it cost (no insurance)? If you could tell me about your experience with the whole process, I would appreciate it!
  15. 2

    Help Needed! Soft Palate Surgery & Pet Insurance

    Hi. I’m the proud new parent of the sweetest 16 mo EBD whom I got a month ago from a family that no longer wanted her. I immediately took her to an EBD recommended vet because she was literally skin/bones and as I suspected she WAS underweight - 10 pounds underweight, hadn’t had her heart worm...
  16. K

    Help Needed! Insurance help needed

    Hi could anyone in the uk recommend any good insurance companies please? I’ve found a few and one that stands out is with 4paws insurance and gives lifetime cover of £12000 per year and if the £12000 gets used up in the year you have to wait till the policy starts again the following year which...
  17. M

    Vaccine Allergic Reactions

    Sorry for the long post in advance... So my poor little Hazel had her first DA2PP vaccination a few weeks ago. She had it at around 4pm and was fine until 10pm when she started shaking non-stop and was running a fever. The only side-effect I have ever noticed in my dogs is lethargy. We...
  18. M

    General Question insurance

    Any thoughts on purchasing pet insurance? I've never had it with my other dogs, but with the health problems that come with EB's is it a good idea? Does anyone else have it and used it? Just trying to see if it's worth buying. Thanks
  19. B


    Hello guys, I have an English Bulldog puppy who is 8 weeks old I would like to know what is a good pet insurance to get him? Thanks in advance.
  20. P

    New to forum and first time EB owner

    Hey EBN, Names Billy and I'm from Houston Texas. I brought home my new puppy last month, her name is Puma and she's 3 months and 5 days old to be exact born 7/20/17 :D. I'm a pretty young owner at 20 years old to most of you on the forum id say. I used this forum for research and guidance prior...