1. nachothebulldog


    HELP PLEASE!!! My 9 week old EB got some fleas! :(:(:(:( Yesterday I found TWO fleas on him. He is NEVER around any dogs. I do take him outside to the driveway/ grass area to potty and pee but thats about it. He has been scratching behind his head and behind his ear. I have been trying to find...
  2. helsonwheels

    The Use Of Colloidal Silver

    Ive been reading a lot on Colloidal Silver. Read everyone's thoughts in here and I even had my own opinion on it. But something kept bothering me in the back of my head. As most knows im more on the essential oil consumer. CS is of course natural been around for thousands of years. I know of...
  3. Hankster

    well Hanks gone and done it, A REAL aggressive move towards me, him mom :(

    Ok, I pretty much know what needs to be done,, but will very much appreciate hearing all anyone has to offer. I know he loves me and have always thought he knows im alpha, but im guessing somewhere along the line, or his age, or his growing testicles, My 'alpha' went out the window. Last eve...
  4. Otisparents

    Little Otis the Peanut of Bulldogs

    Otis looked like our normal bulldogs as a puppy, but is now built like a high school basketball player...He is 8 months old and 25lbs. His father was a great looking 45 lb bully with a great looking head and shoulders. We are hoping he grows into his ears and feet!
  5. sisters3


    What Joey?? Do these ornamental grasses make my head look fat ?
  6. 1Chumly

    Heat Stroke. Very good advice

    On my FB page this morning. Georgia English Bulldog Rescue 1 July 2016 · What to do if you suspect heat stroke: 1. DO NOT WASTE TIME POSTING ON FACEBOOK! 2. Send someone to the car to start and turn on AC full blast. 3. Tub quickly: place cool wet towels over head and back (not cold) 4. DO...
  7. Hceril

    Rainy lazy afternoon...

    Yes that's her on top of my head while laying on the couch! Lol Really stretching out!
  8. B

    General Question Vulvoplasty and entropion surgery at the same time

    Cricket's scheduled for a vulvoplasty, entropion surgery, and extraction of 2 loose teeth (front lower incisors- she doesn't use these) all at once. (I do not want to put Cricket under general anesthesia any more times than what's absolutely necessary.. she does have a bulldog specialist working...
  9. Libra926

    The Vegas Story... Our life with Epilepsy

    At first, documenting anything and everything Vegas related was very important to me. I wrote this article for a sister forum that has since been shut down. Thankfully Lisa was able to save this article from being deleted. Over the years I've referred people to this article simply to let them...
  10. MeShell

    WARNING: poopy post! ;-)

    Alright — this post might be TMI, but Mavis sometimes does something hilarious when she poops and I just had to share. As with most bullies she can’t see her rear, so when she’s squatting to do a #2 she strains her head from side to side as if she’s trying to see back there. I just picture the...
  11. Old School Dropout

    Neutering - Pros and Cons?

    Dozer is 1 year and 6 weeks old. I've been doing a lot of research and have read enough that if I do proceed with having him neutered it will be between 20-24 months. His behaviour is NOT an issue, he might push the limits a bit on what he can get away with during playtime but that is it...
  12. Hceril

    Bella thinks Tyson is her own personal pillow

    She is either sitting on his head or leaning on him. Lol sometimes she'll bug the other dogs but mostly it's Tyson. He just lets her do just about anything most of the time.
  13. helsonwheels

    Still not trained

    A month now and still poops in his pen at night!!! Errrrrgggggggg. Little sh*t! Cut his food to 2 cups per days.....last business is at 11pm which he does both...alarm set at 4am....and bammm never fails still 2 poops on his pads. :bang::bang::bang::bang: Try going back to bed! Pffffft...
  14. T

    New from Canada!

    Hey everyone, We just found your site while searching on google trying to find some information on our English Bulldog! We have a girl named Bella we got in November she's just over 8 months old now! We've started taking her to a large off leash park here and we always get asked if she's mixed...
  15. TyTysmom

    Semi-Freaking Out

    Yesterday I got home and like any other day, I turned off the alarm, came in through garage door.... yet Tyson wasn't there waiting like normal. I went to look for him and he was sleeping, I actually startled him. He didn't hear me! A week ago I cleaned his ears bc I had seen some brown gunk in...
  16. Cbrugs

    Dominance and ???

    Okay, so when Jax and Louie are playing and/or fighting and Jax corrects Louie and Louie submits, Jax gets on top of him and will hump him. I know that is a sign of dominance. But usually after Jax corrects him or sometimes whenever, Louie will stick his head under Jax and lick his dingy. What...
  17. Ftse 100

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Bentley and Lilly~ English Bulldog for adoption in Northern California

    BENTLEY AND LILLY Bentley and Lilly are both in need of a forever home. Bentley is 11-years-old and Lilly is 9-years-old. Both are spayed/neutered. Both are chill and for the most part relaxed… very friendly bully seniors. Due to current health issues with their current foster mom, she can no...
  18. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~KIRBY~ English Bulldog available for adoption in IL.

    ABOUT KIRBYHi Bullybuddies! My name is Kirby! I turned ONE on March 24th! Foster Mom says I'm a big bouncy rambunctious chunk of love! I know I'm pretty handsome also. I came to my current foster home on Sunday, February 19. I have a foster brother named Dillon.... He's kinda snappy sometimes. I...
  19. Petra

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~BELLA~ English Bulldog available for adoption in IL.

    ABOUT BELLAHi everyone my name is Bella and I am looking for my forever family. Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 6 years old and a svelte 45 lbs. I am learning manners quickly and have a foster sister and 2 foster brothers. I do pretty well with them. We eat dinner in the kitchen all...
  20. Bhaverstock1

    Help! Need a shampoo for my bullies!!

    I have 2 bullies with horrible allergies to everything. I have tried with no luck on numerous shampoos. My poor fur babies seem to itch worse after bathing them in all the shampoos I have tried. So, now I'm needing y'alls feedback for the best that you have tried. These are the recent shampoos I...