1. L

    General Question Grain Free Diets for Dogs

    Recently I've been hearing more of the conversation that grain free diets can cause heart issues for dogs. My English Bully Darla is almost 3 and we've been feeding her Fromm Surf and Turf for awhile now. We did have her on the Fromm gold for adults for awhile. She didn't have any issues with...
  2. L

    General Question Best dry food -UK

    I have a 7month old English Bulldog and only adopted him 8 weeks ago. He is currently being fed Royal Canin as that's what his previous owner had him on. After reading threads on here I'm worried this food is no good for Derek and am wanting to change him to Adult food anyway as the vet keeps...
  3. M

    When to switch from puppy to adult food?

    Hi all, Duff is on Fromm Heartland large breed puppy food and loves it. He's 13 months now I was wondering when he should switch to adult food. Any ideas?
  4. T

    New EBD Owner in Pike Road Alabama

    We just got our first EBD this week and already falling in love with this breed. Awesome site with a bunch of good people and info so thanks! Got some Fromm Puppy gold and will slowly transition her to this from Costco food. Millie is 12 weeks today and we had our first vet visit. Got her...
  5. pcchenard

    Going RAW, gradual change from kibble or go full raw from day 1?

    I'm still battling skin issues with my bulldog Lola. She has been on Apoquel for about 3 years now and still has some issues with pink itchy skin and I want to get her off the medication because I think it may do more harm than good in the long run. She has already had to have a Mast Cell...
  6. lchang003

    At a lost for food options

    Hello all So we have tried so many foods it seems like something always causes an issues. I have a 2.5 year old Old English Bulldog and I'm at a lost of what more to try. We have lowered the protein count to help firm up the stool, but now we have the turn in circles for a few min after I eat...
  7. LolaLover

    Dog Food

    I know there has been a lot of posts about dog food so sorry for another one...My bulldog has been on the Fromm line of kibble for several years. She has always had problems with allergies constant licking and scratching and she has always done this even while on the Fromm dog food. She does...
  8. Maximus

    Hot Spot or Infection or what ?

    My EB 'Maximus' has, for the 2nd time, a front Paw infection. This is the (R) Paw. Previously he had the same type of infection on his front (L) paw. He is currently on Clindamycin 2x per day. I have changed his food from FROMM Weight Management, to BROTHERS COMPLETE Advanced Allergy formula. I...
  9. SMammers816

    Coconut Milk Yogurt Alernative

    About two weeks ago we tested Gunner for alergies and he is alergic to lamb, turkey, milk, eggs, potatoes and sweet potatoes. So we just finished his Fromm food and now we are giving Grandma Lucy’s Pureformance line a try after much research. Fingers crossed his allergy issues will be lessened...
  10. P

    Help Needed! HELP! bulldog balding?

    Hi everyone! We are wondering if we could get some insight on this. Our 4 year old Pumpkin just got spayed about three weeks ago and has been on Rimadol & Clavamox. We have noticed some patchy hair loss on her head and little spots around the face. We thought it was the stress from her...
  11. SMammers816

    Switching Food - Fromm to The Honest Kitchen

    Hey all - Happy Monday and I hope everyone had a great weekend. I'm considering switching my Gunner's food from Fromm to The Honest Kitchen. Anyone have any insight, reviews or comments (good or bad)? Guns has been on Fromm since a puppy and we have played around with protein... He came to us...
  12. W

    New EB owner- question on food and tear stains

    Hello all, I recently adopted an 8 month old EB from a family that was feeding him Science Diet Puppy Food. All his stools are solid and he’ll eat it up like it’s his last meal. The only issue I see is he has really bad tear stains and the folds are constantly wet from years with he occasional...
  13. O

    Soft Stool

    So our EB is 12 weeks old. He has been having soft stools now for almost 3 weeks. We did switch him from Royal Canin puppy chiot to Fromm puppy chiot. We transitioned and assumed the soft stool was from the switch of food. I tried pumpkin which seemed to help a little but now it’s back to soft...
  14. S


    Hello, new to site. I have 6 month old male. 32lbs. He is on FROMM Beef Frittata right now. Has anyone had issues with excess shedding while their bully was on this particular one vs the FROMM Salmon A' LA Veg?
  15. M

    Puppy Food: Large Breed vs. Regular

    We just purchased Fromm Gold Puppy food and the store owner suggested we use the large breed puppy formula due to the English Bulldog breed issues with hips and joints. He feels that slowing the growth a bit may help. Thoughts?
  16. M

    Cottage Cheese?

    Hi all, Duff joined our family a few days ago. He's 2 months old and the breeder sent him home with some Purina Pro Puppy or some such food. We are switching to Fromm, slowly introducing it starting tonight. But to my question. The breeder also recommend that we add about a tablespoon of...
  17. P

    Help Needed! Help! Overwhelmed with food selection - we are lost!!!

    Hi everybody! :hiya: :newhere: We adopted an 4-year-old EB named Pumpkin back in November from a lovely family that was moving overseas. We are so lucky to have her! Needless to say, there has been a lot of nights where my husband and I kept asking questions to each she well? is she...
  18. SampsonsMumma

    FROMM Pork and Peas

    Back in November I decided to make the switch to FROMM’s Pork and Peas for my bully Sampson. Everything seems fairly great so far on this food he was having stomach issues in the morning but ever since feeding him a small meal right before bed he has had no issues. However I have noticed that he...
  19. berlin78

    General Question Switching to Fromm

    Hi everyone! My husband and I have just started to switch our bullys to Fromm's Pork & Peas. He's always been leery of switching foods; instantly if they itch their ears or lick their paws he assumes it's the new food they've barely been on for two days LOL. I know if they ARE allergic even a...
  20. SampsonsMumma

    Food Portions

    I recently switched my bully over from Hills Ideal Balance Chicken & Brown rice to FROMM Pork and Peas. He was having stomach issues a lot of gurgling in the morning and not wanting to eat, I thought it could be a chicken allergy which was part of the reason why I switched. After a week or so...