1. Cuddles116

    Today 2/21 sale on Fromm Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Dog Food, 26 lb and other brands

    Hey all, Sorry the news is so last minute 🙁 I don't get anything for sharing, has a 40% off select dog foods sale that is for today and Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Dog Food, 26 lb is included and has free shipping. That brings it to about $40 a bag. You can use the promo code twice for up...
  2. Coop590

    Hot spot,Yeast infecting allergies?

    Lily went to the vet before Christmas time for a very bag skin infection she had hives all over her body, fur was falling out, and fur was very greasy with dandruff. Lilly has always has beautiful fur. The doctor put her on antibiotics for 2 weeks, told me to bath her in antifungal shampoo...
  3. L

    Help Needed! Red raised lump in between front toes

    Hello everyone, I'm guessing this is a fairly common issues with bulldogs. Unfortunately , I have been to the vet twice now and home with a dose of antibiotics. My girl is now on her second round of antibiotics and they are obviously not working. After a week on them, another raised red bump...
  4. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm Family Foods "Be My Bully-tine" Contest

    :luv::luv: Welcome to the Fromm Family Foods be My Bully-Tine Contest! :loveeyes: How does your bulldog show their love? :luv: Show us a photo of your bulldog with the "love" idea in mind for a chance to win FREE Fromm! :havemyheart: If this is the first page you are viewing on our...
  5. KimDe

    Looking for Dog Food or Recipes Yet Again

    I would prefer to feed Fezzik kibble. I can supplement with cooked or raw food but I'm not ready to commit to the lifestyle. He did not do well on any of the Fromm brands and may have issues with chicken or lamb. He did well on the Acana Duck and Pear, but he is an idiot and doesn't chew his...
  6. TheLost

    Thoughts on Zignature?

    Kevin's allergies have started getting worse.. The vet recommended putting him on Apoquel but i want to try a new food before we go that route. One of the foods recommended was Zignature Kangaroo. I've seen Zignature mentioned a few times on the forums but i don't see it on the food rating...
  7. D

    Fromm Heartland Golf Large Breed Puppy

    Hi, good morning... Has anyone had their puppies on the Fromm Heartland Gold Large Breed Puppy food? The regular Gold large Breed Puppy is the Blue bag but there is a second variety which is the Gold and Blue bag...
  8. osiris20025

    Red skin, tear stains , allergies ?

    What could this be ? Food allergies ? So Achilles tummy, jaw, chest and in between his legs has some red marks and spots. Doesn't cause him any pain or any real discomfort that I have noticed. Not sick or change in attitude, he's still super happy and full of energy. I just don't know what this...
  9. S

    Help Needed! Nuvet supplement

    Hi Just wondering how long it took for people to notice changes in their dogs. My guy is almost 4 years old and I'm constantly fighting yeast infections and itching. Most of the yeast happens in the eye fold because of excessive tearing. He has been on two different sets of antibiotics plus...
  10. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm's 2017 BULLDOG STYLE New Year's Resolutions contest!

    :fireworks::fireworks: Welcome to the Annual Fromm Family Foods New Years Bulldogs Contest! :newyear: It's a New Year, and we want to know how your bulldog celebrates 2017 and what is their New Year's Resolution(s)? Post a photo of your bulldog in the New Year Share 1-2 of their New Year's...
  11. S

    What food next?

    My 4 year old EB seems to have developed an array of both food allergies/sensitives and general pickiness in the last year. We have tried most major grain-free brands (earthborn, merrick, fromm including beef, duck, bison, buffalo, chicken, turkey, salmon, whitefish, trout, etc.). He did very...
  12. 4WHLN

    Vomiting Daily, Possible Food Allergy?

    Hello Bulldog World! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas with their Bullies. I have a food related question with a recent food switch I made with Dooley. He was on Fromm Beef Fritata and I switched him couple months ago to Victor River Salmon. I made the switch just because I wanted to try...
  13. S

    Help Needed! Fromm. 4 Star pork and peas allergies

    Hi My dog Red has been on pork and peas for months now and was doing very well. In the last two months he has had lots of yeast infections along with paw licking. He also gets coconut with his food. Was thinking of trying to change his food again, what would you recommend I try? Any jell...
  14. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ 5th Annual Bulldog GRINCH Contest!

    Welcome to the Fromm Family Foods Annual Bulldog Grinch Contest! :christmasgrinch: It's December, time for some holiday cheer! :hmm: Wait one second.... what is up with all these Grinchy bullies?! These bullies and their pouty faces, they really make the Grinch look happy! Show us your...
  15. Chunky White

    Need help choosing a new food for Chunky

    Chunky needs a low protein dog food because he cannot process high protein dog foods says the Vet. The food they sent him home with has 2.5% crude fat, 5.5% crude fat, Fiber is 2.0% and is 74% moisture and has 494 kcal/can. When I asked how much to feed him I was told a 1/4-1/2 a can twice per...
  16. prhof14

    Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food

    So my boys are 7.5 months and 1 year old. I switched them to Gold Holistic Adult Dry about 3 weeks ago. They have been vomiting almost every day for the past week. Anyone else had issues with this specific type of food? Can anyone suggest something else for me to try for my boys? Thanks!
  17. KimDe

    How to start home cooking?

    Fezzik has been having a lot of problems with kibble or the environment. I'm not sure which and since he is under 2, allergy testing is not advised. His face and paws can become a deep pink. I am taking a look at the cleaners I use, but I am also taking a look at the food. Currently he is on...
  18. Nellics

    HELP!!!!! Rash on my new puppy

    I notice this rash on my new 10week old puppy today. I recently took him to the vet on Monday and the rash wasn't present. I've been introducing FROMM puppy gold chiot since he arrived on Saturday, but like I said before he went to the vet on Monday and no rash. I did bathe him with a shampoo...
  19. KimDe

    Looking for grain, chicken, and potato free food

    I am looking for a grain, chicken, and potato free food. Limited ingredient would be nice. I don't think the grain and chicken free Fromm 4 star line is working for me and I'm not ready to go raw.
  20. T

    Changed food from Fromm Heartland Gold puppy to Beef Frittata and now having issues

    Hi, All. First post here. My boy Tug just turned 1 on August 31st. He had been on Fromm Heartland Gold puppy in the pink bag up until this point and did fine on it. I have just recently switched him to the adult Beef Frittata and he is having some problems. His whole face and chin are red...