1. SampsonsMumma

    Food amount

    I recently switched my bully over from Hills Ideal Balance Chicken & Brown rice to FROMM Pork and Peas. He was having stomach issues a lot of gurgling in the morning and not wanting to eat, I thought it could be a chicken allergy which was part of the reason why I switched. After a week or so...
  2. SampsonsMumma


    I have finally decided to make the move and switch Sampson’s food from Hills to FROMM. I’ve noticed more recently than ever that Sampson has been getting an upset stomach atleast once a week. His stomach will start making these REALLY LOUD gurgling noises and won’t have an appetite. My vet...
  3. LolaLover

    Eye irritation

    I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice regarding eye irritation. Lola's eyes constantly water and she gets tear stains. I keep underneath her eye clean and try to keep it dry, I also use some Desitin cream to help keep it dry. But now it looks like the very top of her eyelid where her...
  4. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm's Annual Turkey Leg Contest

    Welcome to the Fromm Family Foods Turkey Leg Contest! It's November, month of remembering what we are thankful for. We celebrate and cherish our family and friends. We share the love and thankfulness with our bulldogs, whom we treasure! So we would love to see your bully's "Turkey Leg"...
  5. P

    New to forum and first time EB owner

    Hey EBN, Names Billy and I'm from Houston Texas. I brought home my new puppy last month, her name is Puma and she's 3 months and 5 days old to be exact born 7/20/17 :D. I'm a pretty young owner at 20 years old to most of you on the forum id say. I used this forum for research and guidance prior...
  6. Hankster

    Just an fyi, pet flow and acana, orijen etc

    I just got notice that pet flow now (again) has orijen, acana, fromm and some of the others that some of you were wondering how to get by delevery..I’m glad as I liked their company but they were unable to get those products for a bit. They are now in stock :-)
  7. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm's Bulldogs Against Breast Cancer Contest

    Welcome to the Fromm Family Foods Bulldogs Against Breast Cancer Contest! Support Breast Cancer Awareness by posting a photo of your bulldog in Pink! Bulldogs Against Breast Cancer! If this is the first page you are viewing on our forum, then I really must tell you more about our site...
  8. S

    Stella and Chewy

    Just wondering if anyone has tried the Stella and Chewy Raw blend red meat recipe I switched Red from Fromm pork and peas and his tear stains and paw itching went away bit the gas is horrible. Was told to try Nature vet enzymes plus probiotics and I think it might be even worse Any...
  9. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm's Annual Back To School - Show & Tell Contest!

    Welcome to the Fromm Family Foods Show & Tell contest! It's back to school time, and Ms. Orion wants your bulldog to participate in show & tell, and we all know bulldogs can be very OCD about certain things like a young child, so show us a photo of your bulldog with the item they would like to...
  10. S

    The Honest Kitchen/gas-help needed

    Hello I have been feeding Fromm Pork and Peas for the last two years. Red still gets yeast infections and has tear stains. It isn't the looks of the stains it is he scratches and rubs his eyes on the carpet. I recently tried Zignature limited ingredient pork. Open Farms pork and root...
  11. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm Family Foods ~ World's Funniest Bulldog Contest

    Welcome to the Annual Fromm Family Foods World's Funniest Bulldog Contest! Show us a photo of your bulldog that tickles our funny bone for a chance to win FREE Fromm! Whichever photo gets the most laughs from the staff members at Fromm Family Foods will win a free bag of Fromm Food...
  12. C

    Diarrhea help, please!

    Hi guys! My sweet little Finn and Violet both have been having suuuuper loose stools. It pretty much pours right out (sorry :() and I'm not sure why. We treated them for giardia a couple weeks ago. They've had solid stool a couple times since them but it's mostly loose or liquidy. The only other...
  13. R

    Fromm drops as a retailer, time for new food

    Chewy has been so fast, affordable, and convenient for me, I've been extremely happy with them. So it pissed me off when I found out today that Fromm thinks chewy is big and bad and ugly because they got bought by PetSmart and now refuses to let chewy sell their product, and instead suggests I...
  14. Andy T

    FROMM Puppy vs Adult Food

    So I have a fat Bulldog, She is about 10 months old & weighs about 52 lbs. She lost 1 lb. I feed her 1 cup of Fromm Puppy food & probably 3/4 cup of fresh green beans twice a day. Like most bulldogs, she is still very hungry but thats all she gets except a few dehydrated liver treats. Most...
  15. G

    im a new member!!:)

    Hello! My name is Gianna and i am a proud mama of a bulldog! His name is Rocco and he will be a year old July 26TH! I purchased him from Petland in Naperville for a hefty few thousand dollars. Only to find out i was getting a sick puppy.. little did i know at the time that those puppies were...
  16. K

    Help Needed! First bulldog puppy, trying to find best food

    Hello, my wife and I are about to get our first bully. I was hoping you might be able to help advise on some of the better/best food to feed our potential puppy. I've searched around for days, and see conflicting stories as to the best food for an English bulldog puppy. The two breeders we are...
  17. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ Fromm Family Foods "Write A Poem To Your Bulldog" Contest

    Welcome to the July Fromm Family Foods Contest! If this is the first page you are viewing on our forum, then I really must tell you more about our site before you go! We have a lot of fun here with many events, discussions, daily "Bully" poll, and articles. We welcome all members or if you...
  18. Hankster

    Fromm Four-Star Nutritionals Grain-Free Hasen Duckenpfeffer Dry Dog Food

    how about this one???? sounds interesting :)
  19. Andy T

    Pebbles still munching on poop

    I posted this when I got her in December & thought it would be cleaner to start a new thread. She is almost 9 months old & I caught her eating a mess last night. I usually go with her to poop & pick up immediately but she snuck one out on me. She weighs 53 lbs, vet states she should weigh...
  20. Bhaverstock1

    New food please help!!

    I am changing Stella to a new food and I've narrowed it down to 2 foods. Either Orijen Grain Free or Acana Grain Free formulas. Anyone out there had luck with either of these 2? If so, which formula works the best.. there are so many to choose from! She is currently on Fromm and getting a lot...