1. Corea99

    Help Needed! Scaredy-cat

    My 10-month old bully is scaredy-cat. He is not afraid of people or other dogs and, is the friendliest fellow around. Yet, he is afraid of objects (familiar or not). I got him right around 5-mo & do not know what he was/wasn’t exposed to prior. Understanding this, I’ve attempted to slowly...
  2. Bizzymammabee

    Food allergy question....

    So it's been a while since I have been on with all the usual crazy things that life can throw at me. Tyson is of course struggling with allergies which may be a combo of environmental and possibly food again . The doctor prescribed Apoquel for him. The brats are currently on Taste of the Wild...
  3. K

    Anyone else's bully

    Not like them washing their stuff :D
  4. 2BullyMama

    Lambeau - update on tumor and new issue

    hey gang - well, the stain results came back all clear, no organisms found to be concerned about and he is all healed up, fur coming back in already too. However, we had to take him in yesterday due to a three day limp that was not getting any better. We did x-rays and his knee is find, hips...
  5. mer55

    BOGEY is BAAACK!!!

    Hello all my old friends here on EBN!! It's been so long since my last post! Bogey is alive, well and thriving with my son and his GF. He is now 6, and still such a sweetheart, although a little grumpy old man shows up occasionally!!:tongue: Since my son is a firefighter/paramedic, he is working...
  6. NigelsMom

    Nigel and Santa Pics plus Happy Birthday Nigel Wentworth!

    Today is a very special day - Nigel turns 8 years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET BOY! He went to see Santa last night and was such a good boy. Here are his pics with Santa. Merry Christmas to all our Bully Family!
  7. R

    We lost our bully :( 4.24.11 - 12.09.18

    It's been 2 days and it still feels surreal. I have never experienced such shock and pain in my life. Gus was only 7 and had only just started getting senior side effects. He started getting seizures last year, but I was able to help him and he hadn't had once in 9 months. Friday morning he...
  8. Cbrugs

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Maggie~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Ohio

    Intake Date: Last Update: 11-7-18 Date Available: 11-7-18 Accepting Applications until: Age: 4 years old DOB: 5/18/14 Gender: female Weight: 53 lbs Energy Level: low Color & Markings: white patch of dark brindle Good with other dogs: no. Good with cats: yes Good with kids: BBR Policy states...
  9. Corea99


    What English bully is hyper after a 1.5 mile walk? Did I mention, I played with my friends all day yesterday? Finley, that’s who! LOL
  10. helsonwheels

    Bully pics

  11. bullmama

    ~ENTER HERE~ December HOLLY JOLLY Bulldog of the Month Contest

    :christmas10::christmas10::christmas10:Welcome to the Bulldog of the Month Photo Contest! This month's theme will be: Holly Jolly Christmas Bulldogs Let's see those beautiful bulldogs showing their Christmas spirit! (you are also more than welcome to enter for any other December religious...
  12. BabyGirlBullDozer

    General Question Merrick food any good?

    Hello all im rather new to being a bully parent and as such im still kind of settling into the role im currently looking for a better food to give my girl and to be honest ive gone threw list after list and its kinda making my head spin shes been scratching her bum up on everything she can and...
  13. BabyGirlBullDozer

    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hello there new member from WI and new bully owner :D
  14. Zedsded

    Dudley's having Cruciate Surgery

    Dudley decided to go completely mental while out with his dog walker and six other dogs over did it and ended up that evening with a bad limp (this was 9 weeks ago) been to two different vets, the second one is a fantastic Bulldog specialist who took X-rays and confirmed what we thought. We took...
  15. sisters3

    HELP PLEASE - Tummy Troubles???

    Hello all, have any of you EVER experienced this with your bullies? First, Joey is eating fine, just not playing in the evening normally. The following started yesterday morning: Ate breakfast fine, about an 45 minutes later started "air licking" then I smelled something rancid....I figured...
  16. MamaAndi

    I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! ~Alexis~English Bulldog Available for Adoption in Illinois

    Alexis is an active and beautiful 7 year old. She loves going on walks and is quite affectionate! This girl loves getting belly rubs and her preferred way to greet people is to flop over on her back. She play bows like a puppy and loves playing with her stuffed snake. Alexis is not a fan of...