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Aug 14, 2010
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Norman, LeRoy and China
I'm not a complainer (usually)... but why do people take their un-neutered dogs to dog parks? I just got back from the dog park and a lady with her kids show up. They bring in an un-neutered male dog.

Now Norm was just neutered recently, so he gets "dominant" with un-neutered males. He's fine with neutered ones. But why....


Mar 28, 2010
Southern California
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Cutty, Miila and Mugsy the pug :)
I have never thought of it as being good or bad I guess. Interesting... Was there a riff between Norm and this dog?!?! hope it was all ok.


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Jun 23, 2010
Eau Claire WI
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Abby 13 (RIP), Bella (6), Betsy( RIP), Frenchie: Oliver
All of the dog parks I have gone to, do not allow un-neutered dogs. There are some members of our Bulldog Meet-up that are not happy with it, but those are the parks rules. I hope everything went fine.

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