What is your bully going to be for Halloween?


We made Chelsea's costume. My boyfriend got a dog pajama pattern from the fabric store and he made it using pink crushed velvet. The large size pattern was snug on her (and she is around 40 lbs). And I made the tutu and bought her tiara. She has a few more fun costume events to go to so I'm hoping that she will get a few more costumes for the season. :)
Khalisie is going to be a pirate and I'm still undecided on Fry and Gordis. I havent found cute costumes on sale yet I'll hit the swap meet this weekend and hope to find something that's how I found the pirate costume :)


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If I don't get on the ball quick the boys will be giong as naked bullies. :D I have a couple of Hawiian shirts and some lies some they'll probably be going as Hawiian Bullies. Ace, my grouchy old guy, is going to go as Walter Matthews since he's a Grumpy Old Man. :D
I got Brooke this adorable monkey costume but idk how we are going to get her to wear it. Both times that I put her in it she just chased the tail and shook the hood part off. I think it excites her that she has a tail that she can actually reach with the costume on. lol and I don't think she likes the feeling of something on her head. I might have to get her something without a tail or headpiece for this year, hopefully she will calm down enough from her puppy stage by next year to wear it...

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