What health problems have you have with you English Bulldog? skin, eyes, mange ect?


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Aug 14, 2010
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Everyone who owns or has owned an English Bulldog knows they can have health problems. I would like to know the health problems that we are having today with the English Bulldogs? Is it still mange, eyes, skin, hip dysplasia, allergies, or breathing?
I have noticed here on the forums there have been many skin and poo issues.

With my five I have had 1 case of skin infection, 1 case of eye ulcer, a few yeast infections and 1 hotspot. Most of which I was able to bring to health with the right food.
I've personally experienced: skin, allergies, hip, knees (possibly related to underlying hip issue), and mange.
Ok I am sooo fortunate, 1 ear infection at 8 months, other than that just allegies that has been controlled with food, I am Sooo lucky to have such a healthy Vegas!!! and on Dec. 1st he was 18 months old.
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Aside from my bully being accident prone and tearing of a dewclaw while attacking the water hose some years back, we havent had much to complain about. Thankfully!!!! Maybe an ear infection or so but that is mostly it I would say. If it werent for me being the worry wart he wouldnt have gone to the vets as much as he has. lol
Before we found out what Stig was allergic to, his allergies caused him to develop mange and an ear infection.

He's great now, except for a cherry eye that we're trying to control without having to go to surgery.
Let me see...
Alex had: cherry eye surgery, entropium surgery, elongated pallet surgery (both made at once), mange in the ears only, fungus on his back, pollen allergy (rashes when he plays few days at the grass)
Moira had: entropium surgery on both eyes. She'll have one more soon. First one wasn't successful.
This is till now and I hope to stay like this for a looooong time :)
[MENTION=1209]savemejeebus[/MENTION], what kind of allergies does Stig have? Is he on a grain free, gluten free diet like Vegas?
Maximus has had Entropion, for which he is still being treated for, Food allergies, and the typical skin problems Bulldogs face, along with anal gland problems, tail-pocket problems, ear infections........
we have only problems with mange "have pics" and now lex has seasonal allergies so we give him some allergy med and a few mins later hes fine
[MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION] - not too sure what he's allergic to. He does better on the meaty treats like dried venison than the cookie types, but he still can get hives from the meaty ones. We were going to do an allergy test but backed out when we realized that he was practically hives free when we completely stopped giving him treats. But, of course, that doesn't mean that we won't ever give me any. :)
The only problem we have had with Bruno is his food allergies. It took us about 10 months to figure out what food worked for him. He would throw up almost every day, and the vet was not great at helping us figure out what was causing it. Finally, thanks to this forum, we discovered that it was likely a food issue. We switched to Fromm Salmon and Veg and he has been like a different pup ever since! Other than that, just some minor skin issues that has been able to be treated with meds and a gel.
Vegas has epilepsy. He also had mange as a puppy (very small spot) Almost everything he's seen the dr for..it's epilepsy related.
Orion may have allergies..she has some wicked tear stains. Her mama has Entropion, so that may be the cause.
Maggie has had ear infections and used to vomit quite a lot ... that was until we discovered this site and learnt that Beneful was just awful, and switched her to FROMM 4*. Since then no more vomitting or ear infections, so I do believe that was food related.

Otherwise, she has Masticatory Muscle Myositis every November since we got her, but not this year and once again I am hoping that the food switch to Fromm helped her here too. MMM is not a disease that is common in English bulldogs by the way.

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