What are your English Bulldog's favorite treats?


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Mine LOOOOVE frozen green beans. More than any other treat out there. You would think it was filet mignon I had in my hand when I give them a treat! I rarely purchase regular treats anymore an only give them a maximum of 1 a day I do give them one at all.....but my freezer is stocked full of green beans!
Mine love green beans too...never thought about freezing them though. But I must admit.... any thing mom hand feeds them they also love right now it is just puppy treats so lil ones can have a treat too.
I feel bad...i have never thought about treats like that. I give treats that I am sure are not good for her. She has been itchy lately so I need to try something else. I do give her carrots but she prefers the pepperoni treats probably because they are bad for her. We are out of those so I am going to try something better for her especially since our 2nd one will be joining us soon. Don't want to start off on the wrong foot.:eek:
Anything that is edible..and some that are not!! He just ate a piece of some Christmas garland that was on the floor and I had to go "fishing" and get it out of his mouth.
Treats are now frozen green beans, whole carrots peeled (Maggie will eat the baby ones whole :eek: .. so not doing those anymore!!!!!!!!!!!)

Also, thanks to [MENTION=355]gatorfan85[/MENTION] ... frozen natural yogurt that I make in the icetrays.

THANK YOU to EBN for educating me on good treats for my bullies ... before they were getting stuff like Pupperoni sticks etc..
I guess my Bullys are all around fruit and veggie eaters. the favorite veggie is asparagus, and the favorite fruit is either, frozen blue berries, or whole apples, although, Buster my big boy is certain that the acorn squash , must be a big green apple!!! I do cook that for them too. I have not found any veggies or fruit that they do not like. and it is all good for them, except -grapes/ raisins - onions.
for cookie treats mine love children's circus cookies(unfrosted)
we give lex carrots,yogurt, cottage cheese.... and here and there snacks, we give milk bones and bacon treats everyonce in a while
Oh Samson likes everything but he gets all fruits and veggies for his treats. Then he gets his allergy medicine daily wrapped in american cheese so thats a treat on its own and of course he loves that.
Silva eats anything! Her favourite is yogurt, she actaully hates raw carrots! I am going to try green beans! :up:
i need to try the green bean........ i bet he would love him some beans
My first two bullies LOVED frozen green beans, especially when they were teething. They liked apples and peanut butter, watermelon pieces, and carrots as well. My bull now, Butler, is strictly a meat and potatoes guy. I can't even trick him into eating veggies or fruit.
I couldnt say what my boys favs are because they get as excited about carrots, green beans, lima beans apples etc as they do ice chips. lol. They love everything!
Well, Gertie and Ida will eat ANYTHING! They like frozen green beans, carrots (if they're shredded, they don't like the whole baby carrots), yogart, cottage cheese. But their absolute all time favorite, which they don't get often because it's not a good treat at all, is the granola coated rawhides by Purina :eek: But they :heart::luv::heart: them!

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