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Sep 6, 2011
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101_1733.jpgThis is Tank's favorite thing to do when he's hyper.. I don't understand why.. but the way he looks on his back is hilarious!

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Bubba does the same thing! Just did it a few minutes ago, actually. Ha ha. It is pretty hysterical!
That is funny.
haha, too funny!! Delilah does this too..I love taking pictures of it simply because it is hilarious.
I love upside down bullies!!! Chunk won't go past being on his side. :( His friend Oliver rolls around like crazy though! SO CUTE!
I love that position too. When lex plays he will get on his back and roll and just sit there but won't actually sleep that way
Haha I think it's a playful thing with them. That's what Tank does when he gets all excited and in play mode. Too funny!
too cute... I have only seen Lily go on her back once. She was rolling around on her back outside on the driveway!
BeBe does that too, she is so funny, I call her a clown when she does it.
haha. Bulldogs have the SILLIEST personalities!! I think that's why I fell in love with them :luv:

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