UGH! The 4th! Once a fun day now brings stress....


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May 5, 2010
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Vegas and Orion
With Vegas we took him to a friends house right into the middle of the fireworks. I don't know if he could care less about the noise or if that helped desensitize him, but he is fine on the 4th. This is Orion's first 4th. Yesterday the little fireworks she just ignored. We have an idiot the next road over who has a mini cannon that they like to shoot off........That pisses Orion off! So far today she is unsure of the noise. She was outside playing and a firework went off and she ran into the house so fast her backend was passing her frontend up. She had a mohawk down her back. It's only 2pm. I stuffed some cotton in her ears to help with the noise. It's not really working. Any suggestions? I have the inner room with music set up for her, but it's still early afternoon and I don't want to put her in there so early.
Only thing I can suggest is keeping them by you if you are staying home.... put them at ease, tell them its okay. Sorry I don't have better advice.... :(
As the nights progressed, Orion has gotten better. I did sedate her with some's amazing how different (again) these two are. Vegas is outside watching the fireworks. He doesn't flinch and only sometimes barks. But he sees the color in the sky and he runs to it. Back and forth. He's having a ball just hanging out in the back yard. Orion is watching the fireworks from inside. She's not as freaked, but she is still very much on edge. I've given her "stinky bear" hoping she will find a quiet corner and "nurse" on his foot and calm herself down.
Awe poor thing. Maybe for next year get those ear plugs they make that are just soft plugs? Not sure where we got ours, actually i think hubby brought them home from work but I am sure you can find them maybe at sporting goods stores? They are kinda a throw away ear plug and you roll them up to fit in the ear then they expand once you put them in, maybe it would help anyhow.

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