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my bully recently got hot spots and i wanted to treat it my self being a vet i knew what the doc do and didint really want to go through all that so i went to my local petsmart and got ............. SENTRY HC HC HOT SPOT TREATMENT NO STING FORMULA IT WAS ONLY 7.99 FOR A 4 OZ BOTTLE I ALSO TREATED MY BABIES ITCHING WITH TOMLYN BIOCAINE ANTISEPTIC FIRST AID LOTION IT WAS ONLY 8.99 FOR A 4OZ BOTTLE IT WORKED WONDERS HOPE THIS HELPS SOME ONE LIKE IT DID ME OR SHOULD I SAY MY DOG LOL:rolleyes:
I know that this is an english bulldog website but i mentioned this to my mom because she has a basset and he got hot spots and it worked well thanks :)
Your bulldog may be having an allergic reaction to the food she/he is eating. Feed your dog food that has NO wheat or corn products. My dog had the same issue until I switched her food now she looks like a million bucks, healthier than ever.
Many people search this topic, and find this very old thread, with not much information on it regarding hot spots.

Jefferson Bulldogs is right. View our dog food ratings by clicking the forum tab and find out more about finding a good dog food. I cannot tell you enough how much better your bulldog will look and feel on a good dog food.

See where what you are feeding stacks up compared to others, and browse our Bulldog Nutrition board to see the many discussions we have had on dog food.

The reality is that your bulldog should not have hot spots! Unless their immune system is down, or they have allergies to certain things. Treating a hot spot is masking the real problem. Feeding a good diet is the first thing you can do to boost the immune system. If you do not see a huge improvement, your bully could definately be suffering from allergies.
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