Thank you all who donated to the Zero-K run fundraiser for EB Rescue!


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Jan 28, 2010
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Not too shabby for our very first fundraiser! We raised a total of $115 for English Bulldog Rescue!

We held this fundraiser for Buddies Thru Bullies Zero-K run. In addition, Buddies Thru Bullies agreed to split the total raised at 50%, with an agreement that we could split the remaining of the donations to English Bulldog Rescues that have contacted us to be on our list of active English Bulldog Rescues. We threw in an extra $2.50 to make sure we could send each of the other rescue at least $5.00

Am I confusing you? I think I am confusing me!

Buddies Thru Bullies: $57.50

Each of the following rescues will get $5.00:

Adopt A Bull Rescue
Illinois English Bulldog Rescue
Chicago English Bulldog Rescue
So Cal English Bulldog Rescue
NorCal English Bulldog Rescue
Smokey Mountains Rescue
Love A Bull Rescue
Sierra Nevada Rescue
Lone Star Rescue
Georgia English Bulldog Rescue
English Bulldog Rescue of Georgia
Alberta Bulldog Rescue

Great job everyone, we are working on our next fundraiser for SoCal Bulldog Rescue sponsored by Lou's Doggie Boutique and Mr. Tyson the skateboarding bulldog right now, so stay tuned! :D:D

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