Superbowl Anyone?


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Jan 28, 2010
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Well I had my highlight of the superbowl, Maroon 5 preformed live :up:

Now I guess I will stuff my face with nachos :p
I was sat here on the computer, and the TV is on in the other room and if I lean sideways I can see the screen. I recognised his voice but it took a while to recognise the lead singer ... has he lost a lot of weight recently or is it just in my mind??
Naaaaa Adam has always been very thin. I love his skinny man voice :luv:
I'm waiting for the half time "Black Eyed Peas" show!!! :up:
i'm just appalled by christina aguilera. wouldn't you know the lyrics to the anthem, knowing you are to perform at the super bowl?!?!?! and of all glorious singers, they chose her? they should have had fergie do it. i hate seeing/listening to our anthem get butchered for the sake of someone's ego.
I missed it ... did Christina Aguilera mess up??
That was hilarious!!!!

I noticed sometimes the youtube videos that are owned by certain people/products cannot be embeded.
Darn. My fam's watching the game on a Canadian channel, so they're showing boring irrelevant commercials. :down:
Personally I thought Kim Kardashian's Sketchers
commercial was the best of all of them.
And if a singer doesn't have enought respect to sing the
National Anthem the way it was written get the *&**
out of our country. It disrespectful to the country and
to the the men and women that have given there lives
to give us the freedom to watch a football game.

And the people that don't take there hats off when the anthem
is played should be shipped to the front line in Afghanistan.
Maybe then they will understand what so few have sacrificed
for so many. People take this freedom we have for granted.
And it ticks me off to no end.
I was cooking during the national anthem, I will have to google it.

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