Really??? They are concerned about our dogs poop?


I couldn't make this sh*t up if I tried!
Jul 21, 2010
Bradenton Fl.
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So the community I live in puts out a monthly news letter, I get it in the mailbox today, once again advising us that if we do not pick up our dogs poop we could face a fine. (Not directed at me but all of us)

I ALWAYS carry a poop bag, always!! I have to have Vegas leashed because we do not have a fenced in back yard, and I always pick up his poop, the community center even had the nerve to say "If your can not afford a poop bag" they would supply them. (who does not have a grocery bag, not that I use those but jeesh!!)

So my problem? I take Vegas out to poop tonight and my back yard is like a mine field!! We live around a pond and have several Canadian Geese and babies all over the place. Have you ever seen their poop?? It is about the same size as a small Chihauhua's and I am not kidding, it is huge!!

I think all the complaints they are getting at our club house is the Geese, not our dogs and believe me they are going to know my opinion. Just needed to vent a bit about poop, and possibly facing a fine that of course I would fight tooth and nail.
Yeah, the HOA's in FL are awful. I got a letter once saying that if I didn't trim one of my palms I would get a fine. Well, sorry but my hubby was out to sea and I was 8 months PG. Like I was going to get on a 10 foot ladder and cut it! I did have a fit and one of them came out and cut it for me.
Oh I hate hoa's. We almost bought a brand new house with an hoa near here and I am soooo thankful that we decided n ot to. My husband had a co-worker who bought one in the same community and they wouldnt let him park his work vehicle in his driveway. (they work for the local electric company) The work trucks if brought home for any reason are required to be parked in a safe driveway so wth? They moved and had we bought there we would have been in big trouble all the time. Ridiculous! I am curious what they will say about the geese. Maybe try and get a video of one pooping and document it all the way up to showing them the size of it. haha
Ducks and Geese have the worst poop. I once dated someone who lived in a pond/duck apartment....They are so messy. Yes, I feel they should get someone to clean that up if they are requiring owners to pick up after dogs.
You pay enough living in those houses, they should pay to pick up the poop
Just in case they try to fine you for the Goose poop, take a pic of Vegas poop to show them the subtle difference between little poo n Vegas poo :)
Here in the UK it is most councils by-law to pick up dog poo..fines can be expensive if a person is caught and proven to be leaving dog poo around. There are Dog poo bins also provided in most areas where people frequently walk dogs. It can also be argued that if the bins are not provided they cannot enforce the fine :)
[MENTION=1034]BruceP[/MENTION], true, should see the piles of poop they leave!! I had better NEVER get a knock on my door accusing poor :angel: Vegas!
We also don't have a fenced backyard (except we live in an apt complex that are like townhomes). They do very little about people not picking up after their dogs so I end up opening my fresh mouth to people when I see them walking without bags. The other day I caught someone who doesn't live here walking her dog and not picking up after him!!! So frustrating when I walk Chunk at night - I actually use an app on my phone to light up the area so I don't step in anything. And goose poop is the WORST! We thankfully have the "geese police" who come everyday. It's a border collie (or maybe a few but I always see the same one) who scares them away. What a GODSEND! I'll tell ya, they miss a few days and those darn geese are back making a mess. Maybe they have something like that you could suggest by you??
OK .. so don't shout at me but here's a possible new way of looking at it [MENTION=900]KMARINO[/MENTION]

I'm what's called ... fancy title .. a "lifestyle director" for a community of cluster homes. They are still building there but right now they have approx 150 homes and a clubhouse. Just as a bit of background the lifestyle director does personal training in the fitness room, teaches exercise classes in the clubhouse, organises trips, parties, dinners and lunches. But I also send out the monthly newsletter. We have had a few instances where I have had direct complaints about a resident because they have been seen allowing their dog or dogs to poop and not pick up. So the FIRST way to tackle it is to put it in the newsletter as a friendly and polite reminder to pick up after your dogs. I have to say that I dont' start threatening fines. But I always start with the in-direct approach and see if that works first .....

Maybe that's what they are doing here too .....???? :mellow:

As for the geese .. well we have those too. I get all these residents complaining about the geese and it's ONLY the ones who decided to buy and build by the lake. After 2 1/2 years there I've become a bid of a hard-@ss ... and my response back is... well you saw the geese, you saw the lake ... what did you think was gonna happen when you bought the lot and built there!!!

On a slightly funny note.... a couple of the male residents ... and I stress MALE .... decided to frighten the geese away by shooting at them with paint guns!!! WTF!!! Did it work??? NO!!!

However, we do now have some very pretty geese with hot pink, fluorescent green, and yellow spots on them.

Geez ............... every day is an adventure there!! :eek:

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