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Aug 30, 2012
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Tebow & Timmy
Because Tebow (aka Fatty Arbuckles) has gotten so heavy, I had to do something. Reviews all over the place, stores, forums, etc were discouraging, I gave it a shot. I bought a Trixie ramp from Chewy. I first placed in on a short cedar chest-18" high-and baited him. No problem. (He's a fool for bacon flavored soft Milk Bones.) Moved it to a 21" high chest. Super! Tonight it went on the SUV, bumper height 25" which makes the ramp rather steep. I kept a hand on the top to make sure it didn't slide off the car. Ahhh the Milk Bones did the trick! I had to slow him down lest he slide too fast or put a foot over the edge. We don't want a bad experience to foil this success. He must've had fun because now he just emptied the box of extra blankets and beds and is bouncing all over. I tried to upload a video but an .mov extension is not allowed. I did figure out how to get a screenshot of him though. Now has a YouTube link!


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I'm glad I gave it a shot. Most sites that sell these ramps say their dogs won't climb, the sandpaper is too rough, the ramp is wobbly or too steep. Maybe Tebow is a little more receptive because he has to climb a small ramp at the dog shows. Yet we started off with low heights, gradually working up to 25", bumper height. It took only 4 runs. The ramp is a little wobbly if he goes up quickly so I keep a hand on it. I also used little treats to coax him & that didn't take much! I noticed a guy in our neighborhood had a ramp for his Corgis so I hit the brakes to ask him how that went. He said it was easy to train them but he replaced the sandpaper surface with carpet. Tebow doesn't seem to mind the sandpaper (it might help in trimming his nails!). So if your bulldog gets too heavy to safely lift or you don't want them jumping out, risking a leg or back injury, or you hurting your back trying to lift them, a ramp is definitely worth a try. Mine is a Trixie model from Chewy.
you can load to youtube and then post the link here.

so happy it was a success
What a great looking boy --- he is very food motivated :ROFLMAO:

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