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Valerie Abro

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May 6, 2011
Hello, this is my first post here but I have been reading and learning a lot from these forums. I am currently in the process of purchasing an English Bulldog, he is currently a little over 4 weeks old and he is chunkier then the rest of the litter which I love! I went to see him today and I noticed that he was having a harder time walking on his hind legs then the rest of the crew. He still manages to move around using them and can stand up, but I noticed that his legs separate a lot. The floor was mostly newspapers which is not ideal for traction but I should I be concerned or is this common at his age? Some of the other dogs were doing the same just not as much, any advise would be very helpful....Thanks!
P.S. I am totally in love with him and haven't even taken him home yet!!!:heart:
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Mar 25, 2011
Southern California
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Hi @ Valerie Abro..at 4 weeks it's very hard to tell because they are so clumsy! I was thinking maybe because he is heavier than rest of litter..that could be slowing him down! You have time to watch his development and I would keep an eye on him. Congrats and I know how excited you must be!

Alice Kable

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Dec 17, 2010
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Congratulations! Sounds like your guy is first in line for dinner! His size may be slowing him down, but I wouldn't be too worried because he is so young!


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Jun 23, 2010
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I think for the age, that is normal. When I got Bella she was "8 weeks" according to her breeder, but very very small, I think more like 6. She was still not sure on her legs, but was fine within a week.


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Feb 26, 2011
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Should be normal for that age!! Most puppies that young aren't completely stable on their wobbly little legs yet.

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