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Jan 1, 2022
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Hi All,
My wife and I are first-time EB owners (and dog owners for that matter) who have had our new 8-month old puppy with us for a little over a week. We have some general questions that we would love and appreciate some feedback on the below when it comes to potty training. His former owner indicated that he was mostly housebroken, but with the transition we've encountered a few accidents and are trying to have him completely housebroken.

1) We've noticed our boy does not signal when he needs to eliminate. There's no circling, whining, or sniffing that we can differentiate from him just sniffing around. Aside from taking him out at regular intervals to be safe and identifying consistencies in his elimination schedule (we think it's peeing in the early morning and a pee/poop after dinner around 7PM) is there anything else we should be looking out for in terms of behavior? We have started trying to train him to ring a potty bell, but have no idea a) if it will work; and b) how long it will take.

2) As he has been with us longer and longer, we have noticed some resistance in going out. He will drop to all fours and apply his weight at the top of the stairs and we will either have to carry him down or hope that our excitement is enough to coax him down to the door that leads outdoors (which is failing with increased frequency). Is there anything else we can/should be doing to make him a little more compliant? We have tried everything we can think of in terms of making it a positive/exciting experience.

3) When we do get him outside and onto the same grassy area, we are finding he is easily distracted and that it can take upwards of 20-25 minutes to get him to eliminate. If he absolutely needs to go, it will happen quickly but anything less than that and it is a slog. Is there anything we can do to help him block out distractions and focus or cut down on the time it takes for him to complete his business. It's a little disheartening to see other owners in our apartment/townhome complex pop in and out with there dogs and we are still circling the same patch of grass (assuming we can get him to even move around on the grass).

Aside from that he is wonderful. Any help you can provide my exhausted wife and myself would be greatly appreciated!


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Jul 28, 2011
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Potty training can be very frustratingā€¦. Sounds like he is afraid of the stairs, I would use food to coax him down the steps. Our first was afraid of them as well and we had to do everything with food to make it happen, then one day he just did it without the treats.

as fo outsideā€¦ walk him and get him to focus on you when he starts to become distractedā€¦ again, bring a high value treat small pieces and make a big deal when he does his business. It can take weeks but it could also just click one day.

my male Frenchie took two full years to get on trackā€¦. They are all different but consistent is key

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