potty issues

  1. L

    Potty Training - 8 month old EB puppy

    Hi All, My wife and I are first-time EB owners (and dog owners for that matter) who have had our new 8-month old puppy with us for a little over a week. We have some general questions that we would love and appreciate some feedback on the below when it comes to potty training. His former...
  2. G

    Help Needed! 7 yr old potty training regression

    Hi, I am new to the site, and I have been doing some research as to why my English bulldog is regressing in her potty training. I have had Bella (7yrs old) since she was 3 yrs old and she was fully potty trained. Probably had 3 accidents since I have had her. Recently, she has been peeing on...
  3. nachothebulldog

    HELP! Brought my bulldog home last night. crying all night!

    Hi everyone! Like I mentioned above, last night was nachos first night home and he was crying in his crate all night. I have his crate set up in the living room of my apartment and at night I was able to get him in by putting toys in there. He was fine for about 5 minutes and then started...
  4. M


    My 15month old EB will sneak away to go potty in the house behind the dining room table or on the landing of the stairs and sometimes on my bed when i leave the room to get something. I feel like he knows its bad, thats why he hides when he does it. When i say lets go potty, and we go outside i...