pet friendly get aways close to tampa, fl?


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Mar 24, 2010
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i have a class for my job in tampa this summer. i'm hoping to find a decent condo on the beach, or vacation home to rent.

clear water beach, st petersburge, etc are all close enough that i could stay there and travel a reasonable distance to my class.

the trouble is, most of the beach condo's i've found only allow 1 or two pets and they have a 40lb weight limit.

i have 4 dogs, the largest of which weighs 65lbs.

does anyone know of a pet friendly beach condo or a fenced in, nice vacation home that isn't terrilby far from a beach near tampa florida?

i'm excited to take them all to de soto park! they have a fenced in doggy beach area!


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Ge'ez I hate pet resrictions! Can't blame them tho... I can't help you sorry, have no ideas!
i found one last night. :) it's a vacation home with a 1 acre fenced in yard, pool, jacuzzi, etc. and is within walking distance to the beach :) yeah!

i can hardly wait to see my muttley crew out on the dog friendly fenced in beach in de soto park. my brewski loves to swim. i just hope he doesn't try to swim out too far!
Sounds wonderful! You must share some pics!


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