Novels that include Bulldogs?


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Feb 3, 2010
Avid reader here having recently discovered books that include dogs. "The story of Edgar Sawtelle" is what I am reading but my question here is: Are there any stories anyone has read that include Bulldogs? Even helpful books would be neat to read. I feel I could learn even more about my guy if I found a good book. I am enjoying my current book as they are devoted dog lovers and include good things about the relationship while I enjoy the story.

On another note it really bugs me that I can't take my dogs while I do my errands. In other countries you can but America makes such a fuss claiming perhaps it's not sanitary etc.

My guys are cleaner than most people... why?.... well we won't elaborate :p


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Jan 28, 2010
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Ha! Probably because us Americans are not so curtious when it comes to taking care of messes! I cannot even begin to tell you about the non picker uppers around here.

I honestly know of no stories that include bullies, but I love to see them in movies.


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May 5, 2010
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In order to take your dog with you, all you have to do is certify them as a therapy dog. Therapy dogs can do anything, even help a person with anxiety. We had a person bring a linx cat into our store. Be careful of what you let you animal do, for example...........(at my job) if you let them sit in a cart, the cart has to be sanitized (allergies) and if you feed them, you will be kick out of our store and you animal will not be allowed back in. We even had a couple bring a pit bull in saying it was a therapy dog. When a customer called the police and they responded, the lady showed a piece of paper she printed off the internet. It turned out (after the dog actually lunged at the officer) that she was not truthful. Just about any type of animal can become a therapy animal. Once qualified, you'll have to put them in a vest that marks them as a working animal. Check the internet.


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May 7, 2010
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I don't know of any books with bulldogs :(

I agree with desertsky, the majority of dog owners are not responsible enough to have there dogs in alot of public places. There are certain cities that are friendlier than others.

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