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Jul 11, 2010
United States
Bulldog(s) Names
Bentley, Linus, Truman
Hello, I have raised two male bullies from the 16 weeks to adulthood so I figured when I got a new bulldog puppy, I had most things figured out. I guess I was wrong or just got incredibly lucky with my first two.

I took Truman home Friday. He is a 10 week (and change) old male. I have never had a puppy this young but I am experiencing some issues that were never present in my other puppies.

First, Truman does not like being crated or penned at all. I am adamant about crate training and did so with my others with relative ease. Truman cries, barks, and howls on and off all through the night. I am using positive reinforcement to help him adjust to his crate but he sleeps no more than an hour or two at time before getting up and crying and barking. Any advice? I am using a small plastic crate with metal door and places one of my worn shirts and a small Nylabone in it, lined with newspaper.

Second, I am in Arizona and it is very hot out so it's not easy to take our time outside for house training purposes. Any thoughts on creative solutions for this problem? I accompany both my bullies outside at all times but still worry about overheating.

Also, I have purchased a puppy pen for the puppy when it comes time to leave him for more than an overnight. He has been in it on and off and, despite it's size and his ability to see my other bullie snoozing on the other side, he whines and barks in it almost constantly. I am concerned that this will stress my older (4 yr) bullie out and I would like for the puppy to find some comfort other than parked on the couch next to me - especially when I cannot be there.

I know there is a significant difference between a 10 and 16 week old puppy but I feel like I'm doing everything wrong this time!

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
Sounds like you are doing everything right- I think the baby needs time to adjust. Just keep the routine- I would not alter it. Soon hopefully he will know this is how it goes, and you can slowly increase his times to go out for potty breaks.
I thought getting a second EB would be as easy as my first also. WRONG. Orion challenges everybody. She wants to be the boss. Let's put it this way.........Orion got kicked out of daycare after 15 minutes. She is okay if other dogs will submit to her, but she does not want to be submitted. Hopefully you will get the advise you need. Don't give up. Keep working at it.

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