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Aug 3, 2011
Hey everyone. My name is Justin and I recently purchased a gorgeous all white Bullie female we named Stella. My wife, Tanya, and 2 year old son, Rowan, and I have absolutely fallen in love with Stella so quickly. I was noticing that Stella wasnt reacting to noises or even turning her head when i whistled at her. My vet said theres no way to do an audiology test for dogs, but not even a banging pot while shes sleeping wakes her up. My question, I guess, is what am i getting myself into? I contacted the breeder and she offerered to take stella back and discount another puppy, but i just cant bring myself to take her back. Should i ask for other compensation? She was 11 weeks old when i purchased her, should the breeder have known she was deaf at that age? Stella has no other ailments, but im worried about the attention she will need, or the fact she cant hear a stranger walking near the house, or hear a car coming, this is just so discerning and its really keeping me up at nights. Any advice would help. Thanks so much, Justin.


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Jun 20, 2011
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We have a neighbor who has a French Bulldog who is deaf. He has done just fine. They even did obedience classes with him using hand gestures (the trainer not very thoughtfully wanted them to use a clicker!).

Good Luck! I would be worried, too.

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Jun 14, 2011
Fort Wayne, IN
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The first bulldog pup we picked out ended up being deaf as well. But our breeders figured that out before we picked him up. They took him to the vet along with his litter mates the day before we were supposed to pick him up. The vet came in and started talking. The other puppies started whining immediately and our puppy just laid there sleeping. The vet clapped his hands and whistled and he never even stirred until they touched him. He was all white with just one brown spot. Our breeders contacted us and told us we could either get a discounted price or pick out another puppy for a discounted price. Being it was our first dog we decided to wait for another litter. Thank goodness we hadnt got attatched to the little guy. But I was still heartbroken. It's going to be a tough decision. Good luck with whatever decision you and your family make!

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Jan 29, 2011
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It will be quite a challenge. I have a friend who has a deaf, white boxer named Bailey and she is the best, loyal, loving dog ever. She knows every hand command and other than knowing shes deaf and using the hand signals, you would never know. It is kinds scary though, she has to be on a leash anytime shes outside because of cars and such. Its a tough choice, but someone has to love that baby :luv:


As youve already said you love her already and don't want to replace her, and thats exactly what I would have done by the way, so I guess you just have to get used to communicating differently.
Hand gestures and touch just think about the hand gestures you will use for each new command you teach her and along with the obligatory treat :) I'm sure she will do just fine.
Your already worried about stuff like cars and strangers etc.. so you will figure ut how to be her ears when she needs them. but I believe you will find that like with deaf children, she will find a way to know when things arn't normal. :hug:
Let her get used to "normal" first then slowly introduce new things like the hoover etc she will feel the vibrations and it still may scare her at first.
having said that I'd introduce her to the camera ASAP cos :pics:


Aug 4, 2010
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Absolutely Super advice from [MENTION=1648]Lucy-licious![/MENTION] Raising and training a puppy is work regardless of if they can hear or not. But they all learn by watching, consistency and routine. Hand signals work better than voice commands even for dogs that can hear. And we wanna see :pics: of this adorable baby!


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Oct 26, 2010
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Good Morning,

I am just now catching up on the website and saw your question. We recently rescued an 18 month old EB that was hard of hearing (per the owner). Once we had her checked out - found out she was completly deaf. We have had her two months and she has adapted very well. She was a kennel kept dog so housetraining is a bit aggravating but she is getting the hang of it. We have two other bulldogs and 2 cocker spaniels. She is the most loving out of all of them. We recently found a treat that I think she would follow us to China if she had to get it.......she can sit & shake and we have started working on laying down. It just takes a little bit more patience and touch rather thyan patience and voice.......I wish you luck and you will not be sorry for keeping the precious baby..........


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Aug 3, 2011
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thanx everyone. its just so frustrating, were having more problems with the breeder defending the "price" she sold stella to us too, saying i got a "deal regardless if she was deaf or not". Well i didnt kno she was deaf, and i think she did, and she didnt tell me. I think she should pay for puppy obediance classes. But i think our Stella is here to stay. the breeder offered another puppy from another litter, but what if that dog ended up with skin irritants? or eye problems or something that would be a financial burden every month?!? I think im just venting... thanx again 902.jpg840.jpg


Nov 5, 2010
Cedar Rapids, IA
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Awwwww, she is absolutely adorable. :luv: What a beautiful little girl bullie! Good luck with everything! Sounds like the breeder is irresponsible and unfortunately, especially with EB, there are so many out there. Like others said, puppies are a lot of work and english bulldogs in particular are high maintenance, so it sounds like you guys were already prepared for work...with the deafness, it just might be a little more work. I am so sorry about the breeder being uncooperative and hope that everything works out. She looks like such a sweetheart!

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Dec 17, 2010
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Stella is a beauty! We had a similar problem with a breeder not telling us about health problems she was fully aware of. She refused to give us a discount or chip in on his health care expences. She also refused to take him back which wasn't an issue because we had already decided to keep our "defective" (vet. called him that) little boy.


Sep 16, 2010
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Stella's gorgeous! I agree with everyone, with time, patience and a set routine you'll find that things will get easier for both your family and Miss Stella. I think because of this new discovery, you feel overwhelmed and frustrated at the circumstance. Remember that this is only temporary. Give it time and seeing that you're already headed in the right direction by enrolling in puppy classes, you'll realize that she's meant to be in your family and you can't live without her. :)

I'm sorry about your breeder, it's very irresponsible for her/him to not provide you some sort of compensation.


Awwww bless Stella is adorable:love: Is that also your son in the pic if so you are blessed with 2 beautiful babies you are so lucky. They will make firm lifelong friends.


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Feb 25, 2011
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Thank you for posting pictures. Your babies (both of them) are just adorable. I think, like others have said, that the fact that she is deaf won't make her any less of a joy. It might take a bit longer to train and she would have to be on-leash most of the time outside since you will not be able to call her with your voice. I don't have any experience with a deaf pet, but I have several very close deaf family members and I can't see that it would be too much different than having a hearing pet. You are right, that she should have compensated you in some way but I wouldn't return her for sure.

Take care and hope that you find some rest.


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Jan 15, 2011
Denver PA
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I have always loved the white Bully's . Even though I have heard it's common among white animals to be deaf. I've known blind dogs in their senior years and they also adapt to their surroundings. I'm sure you will meet someone on here soon that can give you experienced advice. As each day goes by, you may find that a dog that is deaf has its perks too, like it isn't going to bark much, if at all. Just keep the pictures coming, and the updates. Stella is precious!


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Mar 21, 2011
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Welcome to the site and Stella is beautiful. There is no way I could give her back, with patience and time she will learn your hand and face gestures, and will be a great and loving bully. The breeder is in my opinion, irresponsible and you can't tell me they did not know if they paid any attention to their pups at all that she was deaf. We socialize all our pups with all the gang as they are growing up and even start potty training them before they go to their fur-ever homes. Be patient and lots of love and it will be all worth it 10 times over.

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