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  • Hi Sherry, I have a 3 1/2 yr old that suffers from same symptoms comes and goes over last 2 years. About a month ago she has been favoring her right back leg every day especially when she walks you can see here rear end swaying much more moving her hips more to compensate. I need to find a solution outside of surgery and you mentioned this Equine Glocosamine is it possible you could share with me the place so I could take a look. Im also considering getting a brace but not sure if that's the right channel to go down. Anyone who has some suggestions Im all ears just want her to feel better. Thank you much
    We both know we'll have 'moments' today or the weekend.
    I'll be hugging you even tighter in the virtual world and you
    are nestled snugly & safely within my heart, as always. Call
    if you need to...I'm right here for you. On my thankful list, YOU
    are #1, dearest Sherry...#1 and I am doing well, am peaceful.

    GOD bless you & yours <3
    Hey you...better spill the beans on interviews & results
    and how the heck ya been, Sis. Missing you!!!!!
    I've been praying as you know and continue till you
    get what YOU want...and deserve! Get in that bed!!
    Much, much love to you :)
    That is so awesome, in two calendars!!! you are a lucky gal but it doesn't surprise me at all! Your babes are gorgeous! You won't be able to have enough calendars in your home this year :rofl:

    Good idea to save the pics I cannot wait to see them!
    So how are you feeling? I check in here every day but I don't always post. I keep up with most people on fb these days
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