My Bulldog Titan is becoming aggressive what do I do?


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Dec 8, 2010
Titan is a year and a couple months old and I have never had any problems with agression before. This is my second bulldog the first I had for almost 10 years before he passed also with no problems.

Titan is kennel trained and that is where he sleeps at night. Since we brought our new French bulldog home Titan has become aggressive towards us when we get him out of his kennel. Titan only gets nasty in the mornings. In the evening when we get home he comes right out playful and happy.

We have made sure to give Titan the same amount of attention as before the other dog came home in fact he gets even more. I don't know if this has to do with his age but I want to correct it ASAP.

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Thank you
Is he neutered yet? Sounds a lot like what we went thru with Cutty. He was around a year when we brought home our pug, Mugsy and they loved each other right away. Something changed in him tho with us and he started getting nasty at times to the point where his adrenalin would kick in so much he would be shaking while growling. Scared me to death honestly and it was so sad. There wasnt always an obvious trigger for him and we thought it must be medical since there was no explanation otherwise. Had every test run, blood work, xrays etc.. All came back fine. We decided to neuter him hoping that may help and I have to say we saw a 99% change basically overnight. He is forever changed in small ways now, cant pick him up without his growling and other little things set him off but now he isnt scary. His growls sound scary but now there is no intent behind them whereas before he really was scaring me. Mostly when he thinks he can act up I just back him up to a spot outside of my space and make him sit and take a time out for a bit till he is over his little tantrum and thankfully it has worked for us. He just turned 5 now and is our sweet, loving, big boy still aside from his little grumbles. I now wish we had fixed him to begin with because I know he would have been a much easier going boy had we done it but we didnt know. You will get lots of great advice from everyone here on training and being the alpha etc which may help also. For us putting Cutty on his back didnt work it made him worse but most on here do it with no problems and it works for them. Hope this helps a little and if not, like I said you will get more helpful training advice from others. :)
It seems odd to me that the behavior is only in the morning. Is it perhaps that he is not ready to come out of his crate? Has the weather changed? Do you think if you fed him in his crate before you let him out he may not be so grumpy? Just a couple of thoughts.

Is he just being aggressive towards you when you are trying to let him out or is he also showing aggression toward your new frenchie?
You will definately get some great tips/advice here, so you have come to the right place. Good luck and I do agree - correct the issue asap you just have to find out what the issue is.
This is a great place to get the advice you need!!! I wish I had some but my bully is only 9 months. We did have issues with him biting too hard while playing which we correct with a loud "NO BITE" but so far no aggression. i may be in your position when Bear gets that age. Good Luck!!!

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